How to choose products without the "chemistry"


Select easiest vegetables in summer and autumn, when they mature.This means that they are grown in a natural way.Pesticides often give vegetables a beautiful appearance as the image.Vegetables look unnaturally perfect and neat, but eat them unsafe.If you yourself do not feel it, the body will not be happy.Organic vegetables are the ideal shape and without flaws.


With fruits little harder.Rarely fruits grown in the area where sold.Often they are brought in from surrounding areas and countries.The more expensive the fruit, so it is, of course, natural and therefore tastier.But everything is not for everybody.For example, someone who likes green and firm bananas, others choose perespevshie.Strawberries and strawberry - one of those fruits that are most vulnerable to chemical exposure through fertilizer.In early summer, strawberries have a more intense flavor.If possible, we recommend taking it to the market rather than in a supermarket.


grains such as wheat, rye, oats

and barley - cereal seeds.If the grains are grown in soil rich in organic matter, their seeds will benefit health.

Beans and seeds

natural cultivation of seeds and beans dramatically increases their content of vitamins . If they are grown in a high-quality soil, free of chemicals and pesticides, seeds and beans in themselves are a source of minerals.

Nuts Nuts - excellent sources of monounsaturated healthy fats.These fats lowers the concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.Almonds - a source of calcium, fiber and iron.

Meat and poultry

farmers using only organic fertilizers, think about the humane treatment of animals, where they are bred.Meat eating grass cows contains more conjugated linoleic acid, which helps prevent disease.By law, the animal should not eat genetically modified food.For meat and chicken, the label "GMO", means that in addition to the humane treatment of animals, farmers never gave them antibiotics.


Fresh herbs and greens are delicious flavor and give a wonderful taste of all kinds of products.Although herbs essential oils repel insects, they may contain fungicides to get rid of the mold.If you have your garden, think about how to combine business with pleasure and grow their own herbs!

Milk and eggs

There is a law that obliges the mark on the packaging the presence of milk powdered milk.Read the composition and always check the date of issue and expiry.The lower shelf life, the more milk likely to be natural.If the milk that you buy, not sour week it has any supplements.When choosing eggs will appreciate the matte shell.The more she was brilliant, the longer it kept the egg.The color of the shell does not affect the taste of the product.

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