Thinsulate: warmest filler

filler Thinsulate invented back in the 70s of the last century.And then he seemed just space technology warming.In the first decades of its existence it has produced clothing for the athletes and the Olympic team of polar researchers.And now, when the future is now, tinsuleyte clothes you can buy in any store.What is remarkable filler Thinsulate?

Properties Thinsulate

1. Thinsulate is made up of fibers that are 10 times thinner than any other synthetic insulation.Due to its lightness filler Thinsulate 1.5 times the warmth of natural down, warming to surpass the quality of which had not previously been able to.This Thinsulate has other remarkable qualities.

2. Thinsulate does not absorb moisture.Even completely flooded clothes tinsuleyte dries instantly, as soon as all the water has drained.

3. filler Thinsulate environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, suitable even for infants.

4. Clothing tinsuleyte to "breathe."In combination with membrane fabric Thinsulate provides

excellent ventilation of moisture to the outside and output.

5. Thinsulate easy to care for and wear-resistant.Products with Thinsulate filler machine washable at 60 ° C and take to the dry cleaner.It does not change its properties even after repeated washings and makes its way through the fabric, as it does fluff.

6. filler Thinsulate universal.It provides warmth without excess volume and can be used for thermal insulation of any household items.

use Thinsulate

easy to guess that these characteristics filler Thinsulate loved everything.It began to be used in the production of uniforms, clothing for sports and recreation, hunting and fishing, in the children's clothing, as well as for shoes, hats and gloves.From Thinsulate made bedding, light and thin, but blankets , waterproof sleeping bags.

Fashion designers are just fascinated by the unique opportunity to create a fitting silhouettes in winter clothes.Due to the thin layer of Thinsulate, model clothes became not only elegant but practical and warm.

Thinsulate needle women will love.Since then, as it began to deliver the goods to the stores for sewing, the rapid flight of fancy is no longer afraid of multiple layers of padding polyester.Thinsulate produce different densities for different degrees of warming.Working with him is much easier than with synthetic padding and, moreover, rest in peace.It is dense and uniform, it is not necessary to quilt - a godsend for dressmakers!

choosing products, Thinsulate insulated, you can be sure that nothing better has not yet been invented.A huge number of positive responses suggests that such loud statements - not an advertising gimmick.

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