2-in-1: the idea of ​​cleaning and organization

Organize yourself and stop fussing

Do you think it takes a lot of time to make your home look perfectly clean?With some reasonable, time-saving tricks and tips, you can do the cleaning without the hassle of a few minutes.


Whether you're indoors or outdoors, new tools for cleaning shelves and grill in the oven help remove grime from your plate.Place the trays in the oven and grill special bags, pour the cleaning solution, close the bag and shake.For best results, leave the dishes at night and rinse water in the morning.

Hide the unnecessary things

ventilation in your bedroom can serve a dual role, for example, still be a repository for things.Use it to store souvenirs, blankets and winter clothes.Decorate it with a cloth.

Wash the dishes faster

Save time, my pots and pans with special brushes, which include food detergents, so you do not have to wring them.Bonus: they are usually made of 100% recycled secondary raw materials.

your windows deserve the best care

specially adapted for glass cleaner will remove stains and spots on your windows without the need to wipe them dry.Just sprinkle water on the outside of the window, if necessary, wipe them with a sponge, which comes complete with a long handle, and rinse solution.

Divide boxes

in boxes wardrobe often throw all things indiscriminately.Instead, set the dividers in boxes made, for example, from acrylic.Glue them to the boxes to better sort out your stuff.Use one section for envelopes and index cards, one for nails and buttons next to sewing, etc.

thrown under the bed

Forget what your mother told against unnecessary things under the bed, this is the perfect place for them.There is an old hand or a waste box?Install the rollers on it and slide it under the bed for storage of shoes, blankets, game boards and just what you want.But first, measure the drawer to make sure it is the right size.

Relive bathroom

Take four or five tools you normally use to clean the bathroom, and try special sponge bath and shower.In addition to greatly elongated handle to clean the soul, it is possible to wipe the cabinets, shelves, as well as mirrors.

Hang it!

Want to decorate the white walls, and thus save space on shelves and drawers?Think of the wire and wicker baskets for storage of small items.You can also decorate them with fabric and hide in them, for example, a head of garlic and bundles of basil.For securities and bills can do a good job hanging collapsible folders.You can even paint them with paint or attach to the front page of the project last school your child.

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