Khrushchev fridge: how to make it convenient?

in the brick Stalin and Khrushchev houses can often be found "winter wardrobe" or « Khrushchev refrigerator ».This niche in the wall under the window in the kitchen with a door inside the apartment, and a vent to the street.Typically, the thickness of the outer wall is not more than a half-brick.With valve in the vent on the idea of ​​the inventors could regulate the temperature inside the refrigerator according to the weather.

Now, when the refrigerator all year round retains the right temperature, there is in every home, a device such as a refrigerator Khrushchev, seems terribly uncomfortable.Firstly, in the summer it does not perform its functions.Second, during a sudden thaw or freeze products in it may be damaged.Frozen dumplings as of January thaw, and banks with pickles burst.

To prevent freezing during the Soviet era apartment owners directly at the entrance were sealed ventilation.But in the cold more than -20 ° C the thin outer wall of the refrigerator Khrushchev freeze through.If the cabinet doors are tight enough, the cold sneaks into the house.That is why many owners of such architectural features brickwork laid objectionable niche away from sin.

But Khrushchev refrigerator, brought to mind, can serve their masters in the XXI century.The extra half a meter square can snuggle minibar.Furthermore, it is especially stored fruits and vegetables, pickles and workpiece.In the summer it is possible to store empty cans.But in the winter it should pay attention to the fact that the temperature in the closet winter did not fall below 0 ° C.

Practice shows that the cabinet vent drenched foam, and heavy door at the window near 0 ° C temperature maintained at +10 ° C.When the outside -20 ° C in the refrigerator Khrushchev - 0 ° C.But prolonged frosts of -30 ° C can ruin all your stocks.In climates with very severe winters the outer wall can be insulated with glass wool or other insulating material.

doors for Khrushchev refrigerator are available in the company that sets the plastic window.Such doors with single glazed windows or sandwich panels will be as airtight as possible, keep the heat in the house and cool inside the cabinet.To create a single set, you can order the door to the cold cabinet, kitchen cabinets identical.

better interior finishing is made of plastic.In a sealed cold enough closet can accumulate moisture from the indoor air.To not formed mold, wood trim parts to be processed antibacterial compound.Illumination, held inside, make a winter wardrobe as convenient as possible.

sometimes to the apartment was warm enough to deal with drafts of plastic windows and insulate them.

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