The best stain remover for clothes

Surely at least once in their lives, each of us is faced with such a problem: was wearing a new thing, but suddenly she spilled wine (cola, juice, etc.) or dropped something out of food.All is lost, everything is spoiled!That is exactly what would have thought every second.But do not be sad.It is better to find a good spot remover and use it.Rating of the most effective of them is presented below.

Best Stain Remover: Most Experienced housewives

So, what about this thought experienced hostess, who have often had to display the most terrible and seemingly without stains.What better spot remover ?

1. «Frau Schmidt."Jar of such funds worth about 230 rubles, it is produced in Austria.This stain remover is very delicate, so it has no negative impact on the delicate skin of the hands of women, and can also be used to color fabrics and materials such as silk, velvet, and so on.Excellent removes stains from chocolate, wine, grease, oil, and even blood.

2. «Vanish" for colored laundry.If othe

r means of this brand impress the few, then this is the spot remover designed for colored laundry which is very effective and helps to remove a variety of stains in a relatively short period of time.It should be a means 150 rubles.

3. «Ecover" - a Belgian stain remover, made from environmentally friendly and not harmful to the environment and human components (mineral and vegetable substances, and no petroleum products).But this tool will help to remove any dirt with both color and with white linen.The cost is about 230-240 rubles.

4. «Sarma Active" great fights stains from ballpoint pens, felt-tip pens, berries, fruits, grease, oil and blood. Can be used for machine washing and handles even with old pollution.But the price will be pleasantly surprised - only 65 rubles.

5. «Amway Pre Wash» - very good stain remover .It is sold as a spray to be sprayed on directly removes stains before washing things.This means, according to the hostess, long enough so that it can be called economical.The cost is 250 rubles.By the way, Amway also has pocket stain removers , that you can take on the road or just put in a handbag.

6. «a minute."This stain remover is only 30 rubles, but that its effectiveness does not suffer.The tool is capable of removing stains from grease, oil, and even paint and varnish.But there are some drawbacks: used for delicate fabrics that stain remover is not necessary, moreover, it is not very pleasant smell.

7. «Antipyatin" is available in several forms: spray, powder, soap (so that its price varies from 30 to 160 rubles depending on the form).This tool is used to soak and enhance the action of the powder, it copes with different impurities, may be used to remove stains from colored and white fabrics.

8. «Udaliks" will help remove stubborn stains from almost all fabrics and surfaces: with furniture, carpets and even wallpaper.Available in the form of a stick, a powder, a spray liquid.The price varies from 20 to 130 rubles.

9. «Edelstar» - almost universal stain remover, as it copes with almost any complex and long-standing spots and removes contaminants from a variety of surfaces: walls, floors, plastic, tiles, furniture, carpets andany tissues.Available means in the form of a pencil, and costs about $ 100.

But to determine exactly, a better spot remover, can only empirically.So listen to the advice of experienced housewives and select a tool that will always help you out in difficult times.

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