Home Cellar: update refrigerator for the winter window

Winter WINDOW refrigerator - convenient storage space for supplies, but, unfortunately, his condition in the apartments of old houses killing all hope for the best: the rotten boards, mold on the walls forever damp, dirty, crumbling plaster.Particularly deplorable looks weatherstrip refrigerator after the summer season: following the rule of "out of sight - out of mind", we forget about it, and a fridge is all summer, keeping a just trash jar sugar jam and a piece of rags, which were plugged vent hole.In the autumn we are preparing a series of jars of pickles, jams, and lamenting that the state and finishing winter cooler under the window poor.

Renovated old window sill refrigerator

In pursuit of functionality and aesthetics, we finally gain strength and patience, proceed to finish winter cooler under the window .But before you begin repairs in the refrigerator should be properly clean up - likely after the summer dampness there wound fungus and small insects.Dispose of all rubb

ish, remove the old boards, including planks from the floor - they are likely to have long rotted;free up the air vent of homemade jams and thoroughly washed out and scrub the entire refrigerator.When it's clean, it must be dried.This can be done using the domestic heater or hair dryer.

Now knead solution for cement floor screed in the refrigerator.Putting the cement so that the surface is smooth, cover it with plastic film and leave to dry.The solution may be to add a little water glass - it will add strength.

clear the walls of the refrigerator with a spatula or a grinder, dub and paint.Before painting, it is useful to impregnate the wall tool against mold.Plastering is not necessary.

Wait for the solution to dry and paint.After drying, the solution can pave the metal grid and pour another layer of screed to the floor in your refrigerator is not cracked.After that, before the final finish winter refrigerator under the window need to insulate.

First you need to clean and align with cement and plaster the hole in the street acting as the vent.Take a piece of pipe of suitable diameter length just wide wall and insert it into the hole at an angle to the street - then snow and water will not stay in this hole.After inserting the tube, strengthen and leveled it with plaster.You can insert the tube into the grid, while the wasps do not get through the summer into the apartment through this tube.

For warming You can use foam or penoplex.Glue it to dry on the wall mounting foam.From Penoplex the cut and plug for the pipe, wrap it with electrical tape around the perimeter of the handle and attach - in very cold to her, you can close the hole in the street.Also insulate the floor.All cracks at the joints plates with foam insulation sealing. You can now start to finish.

Finishing winter cooler under the window

Furnish winter cooler under the window can be made from scraps of plastic sheeting and profile that was used for the production of plastic windows.Gently sheathe inside refrigerator plastic corners camouflage profile;in the middle of the wall symmetrically placed pins and put them on the shelf of wood or plastic.Outside ennoble winter refrigerator , plastic sheathing panels and profiles.


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