Unsuccessful wash down jackets - how to remove stains?

noticed stains on the feather bed after washing, do not panic and cursing negligent clothing manufacturers.The Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights and calls, most likely, will not have to, because the appearance of divorce often becomes the result of non-compliance with the recommendations of the washing products.The consequences of improper washing eliminated at home, though, you have to spend on this procedure a certain time.So, let's see, how to remove stains on the down jackets.

White stains on the feather bed

Divorces white appear on dark or bright down jackets.The reason for their education - excess detergent remaining in the vehicle and seams.Fight with white stains, simply re-rinse down jacket several times in cool water to remove any residual detergent.Rinse in the washing machine drum to put some tennis balls to fluff is not lost.Dry jacket after rinsing is necessary to terry towels, spread out on a flat surface, ideally on a special dryer.

To avoid the appearanc

e of white streaks on subsequent washing is used to remove contaminants from the down jackets only liquid detergents, carefully observing the dosage.After the end of the wash, rinse several times the product.

Yellow divorce

Yellow stains on the feather bed may result improper drying and washing with an excessive amount of detergent.Let's find out, how to eliminate such stains on light-colored down jacket .

Yellow stains on the feather bed appear most often during drying as woolly fuzz when washing dries unevenly and gradually evaporating moisture from it leaves stains on the fabric . Remove yellow stains from light down jacket is much more difficult than to eliminate the white spots with dark soap.We must act without delay and a simple rinsing is not enough here.

Without waiting for a down jacket is completely dry, apply a yellow divorces quality stain remover or liquid dishwashing cloth and leave for a few minutes.Then, re-send the down jacket into the washing machine, only this time do not forget to add to the Office for washing liquid detergent quality, right to bear its dosage.

also important to prevent the re-churning down, so be sure to put the drum 2-3 ball table tennis ball or a special wash.After the end of the wash cycle spend 5-6 additional rinse cycles.Wash down jacket dry on a flat surface covered by a towel.It is not necessary to dry down jacket in the cold, such drying can also be the cause of the divorce.

In most cases, eliminate stains on down jacket can be at home, but if suddenly you do not succeed, do not despair.Your favorite item will always be able to save at the dry cleaners.

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