Cleaning the coat at home: what you need to consider?

look at the material

Before rid favorite coat of dirt, you need to figure out whether the suit a particular type of cleaning to the material of your coat.

If you are the owner drab coat, remember that it is only suitable dry cleaning. To clean the coat at home, use the following instructions:

  • position coats upright and first brush clean all the dirty places;
  • then pour over the coat a bit of detergent and gently rub with a damp sponge;
  • take the stiff brush and carefully remove it with the help of powder residue;
  • dry coat iron in stripping mode.

cashmere coat without fear and risk can be washed in a washing machine.The main thing to choose the right mode and gentle cleanser (especially for cashmere).Strong spots, however, it is better to remove in advance.Dry cashmere coat in a horizontal position - so to keep the form.

wool coat also easily machine washable machine.Select detergent for wool fabrics, as well as the desired wash cycle.Dry, spread out on a horizontal surface.

Types spots

coat to serve you more than one season, try to wash it as little as possible.And if there stubborn stains or dirt, then get rid of them punctually, without putting a coat cleaned entirely.Here are some recipes for effective stain removal with a coat at home.

1. If your coat are greasy places or grease stains, use talcum powder: sprinkle a little talcum powder on the stain and remove after 12 hours brush.Talc absorbs the excess fat.If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.

2. Other reliable remedy for oily stains - gasoline.You can either rub the stain soaked in gasoline with a cotton swab over a layer of cotton fabric or perform the procedure on the wrong side of the coat.

3. wine stains can be easily removed with the help of salt: salt rub the stain and then rinse with water.

4. Get rid of the stains of tea can help the following solutions: 1 ch. L.ammonia and 2 hr. l.glycerol;2 h. L.alcohol and 1 hour. L.water.

5. Stains on wool coats are removed by mixed in equal proportions of vinegar and alcohol.

As you can see, brush coat at home - quite feasible task.Do not forget to take into account the information specified on the label coats, and always test any cleaning agent on an inconspicuous area of ​​the fabric.

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