Bamboo Blanket: buy or not to buy

What is a blanket of bamboo?

The first time I heard about bamboo sheets, when for the first time appeared in the tropics.And so it was not able to tie together the concept of "bamboo" and "blanket" - the first solid wood and the second soft and fluffy.Vacation is over, I returned home and began to search for information on a bamboo textiles.Found me, to be honest, shocked.It turns out, bamboo fiber bedding are really doing - durable, eco-friendly, lightweight, but warm and good "breathe", struggling with allergies and absorb moisture.

Of course, I do not believe the promises of online stores before that did not believe, and our, barely speaking in Russian, the guide, who took us to the factory bamboo bedding.We had to dig deeper and find the real reviews from bamboo blankets.After all, the cost of such blanket exceeds the cost of conventional duvets - but is there to pay for that?In general, my inner shopaholic had already passionately want to Bamboo blanket, and my inner skeptic could not

believe that such a blanket at all worth buying.

Properties blankets Bamboo

Now, "dig" the entire Internet, I was able to find out the following.

1. Blanket Bamboo really has good thermostatic properties : bamboo fiber because of its porous surface does not allow a person to freeze in the cold and the heat did not languish in the warm weather, and the ability of these fibers perfectly absorb moisture especiallyIt makes summer even if you sweat at night, the moisture absorbed by the blanket.

2. should also be said about the antibacterial properties of bamboo blankets.The blankets of bamboo do not start disease-causing bacteria, mites and various klopik.

3. Skin "like" sleeping under a blanket of bamboo - it contains honey pectin, a substance that has a positive effect on the skin, making it more smooth and elastic.

4. Bamboo Blanket is very easy, which is also beneficial to the quality of sleep, and the bamboo fiber is very strong.

5. blanket of bamboo is soft and tender to the touch.

6. Bamboo blanket does not fade and does not fade.It can be washed in a regular washing machine.

7. This blanket is perfect allergy - it is hypoallergenic (however, have the same property, and much cheaper blankets hollofaybera ).

8. Among the disadvantages blankets Bamboo I could find only one: in areas with humid climate is rapidly absorb moisture, so always raw.In our climate, "contraindications" for bamboo duvets I have not found.

erased bamboo blanket is easy - at least every day, dries quickly.When washing is advisable to use liquid detergents, and periodically during the drying whisking to blanket of bamboo was lush.The skin under the blanket of bamboo breathing, bedbugs do not start, allergy does not appear, it is light and warm.In general, my inner shopaholic won my inner skeptic, now the main problem - is the choice of models and sizes of bamboo blankets.

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