"Weeping" plastic windows: look for cause

windows sealed, easy to use and does not require complex care.It is believed that properly installed windows do not have to sweat.But every second user monitors periodically on its window condensation.Only 5% of cases it is the fault of the installer.Who then is to blame for that condensation on the plastic windows appeared?Do not be surprised

condensation on windows with double glass pane.Choosing glazed, do not flatter your climate zone.Miser pays twice.Residents of the northern regions will appreciate the three-chamber double-glazed window.These windows do not fog up quite up to -35 ° C outside.

Why is condensation on the plastic windows?

1. Condensation - moisture in the air is deposited on the cold glass.Before we deal with windows, try to deal with the increased humidity - the most common cause of loss condensation on the plastic windows .

For this reason, the condensate falls in areas where:

  • rarely aired;
  • preparing food (in the kitchen is always warm and humid);
  • going to a lot of people;
  • lot of indoor plants;
  • plant stand on the windowsill.

In addition, the new homes increased humidity can be stored up to 2 years until the cement is completely dry.

to prevent the accumulation of moist air in the apartment regularly ventilate the room all 3 times a day for 5-10 minutes or use regime mikroprovetrivaniya.Move away from windows colors.

2. According to the laws of physics, the colder the glass, the more moisture from the air settles on it.Therefore, the condensate drops more when the frost grows stronger.Radiators are always located under the windows.But if the circulation of warm air difficult , cool glass, and we see condensation on the plastic windows .

impede air circulation:

  • too wide window sill;
  • things on the radiator, screen and furniture, standing close to the radiator;
  • too thick curtains, adjacent to the radiator.

Do not block radiators or create an alternative system of heating of glasses.For example, you can put on the windowsill large, slowly burning candles.

3. Did you know that plastic windows have summer and winter mode ?If there is condensation on the glass, invite to the house tuner and ask him to translate the window in winter mode.In this mode, the windows close tightly, and exclude the possibility of the slightest draft, cooling glass.You can also insulate plastic windows independently.

In all the above cases, the condensation on the windows formed relatively uniformly.But if you notice condensation, frost or ice in any one corner of the window, probably through the fault of the installer.

frequency problem faced by owners of plastic windows - cold.For what reasons the windows do not keep the heat and warm their , read our material.

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