How to wash down jacket: without proper washing of divorces

Laundry and cleaning of winter things - it's a different story, because if you do something wrong, you can spoil everything and sentence thing to waste.And how to wash down jacket , that it has retained its original appearance and have served for at least another season (preferably 2-3)?

How to wash down jacket ?This issue is of concern to many.After all, some had already spoil such a thing once, while others are afraid to do it in the wash.The first thing you need to look at the label or tag.There manufacturers usually specify the information about the materials and about the care of the thing.The number denotes the optimal temperature.If you see an image of crossed out of the washing machine, it means that you have to be prepared to wash her hands.If this mark is not, then machine wash is possible, but subject to certain rules.

Wash hand

To begin to tell, how to wash down jacket manually.Everything in order.

1. First decide the choice of detergent.It is best to take liquid conc

entrate for delicate fabrics, because powder can hide in feathers and down and wash it out will be difficult.

2. Then unbuckle all that can detach: hood, removable fur, and other details.

3. For starters it is best to thoroughly wash the most polluting places: the hem and cuffs.You can rub them with a brush.

4. Soak the jacket in hot (40-45 ° C) water to the powder dissolved in it.

5. Then place the jacket vertically, for example, hang over the tub.

6. Soak a sponge in the detergent and walk it across the surface of the jacket.Particularly contaminated sites brushed (not too hard, otherwise you can rub a hole).

7. Point on the jacket tangential stream of water from the shower and rinse off the foam.Repeat several times.

8. Gently press down jacket and hang on a hanger to dry.Periodically shake it to feathers and down do not crumple.

How to wash a down jacket in the washing machine

course, machine wash is not desirable, but you can try your luck. How to wash down jacket in the washing machine?Let us give a few tips.

1. All removable parts before washing unbuckle, wash them separately.But locks and zippers need to fasten.

2. Contaminated pretrial wash hands.

3. Temparatura of wash water should not exceed 40 ° C, and the optimal value is 30 ° C.

4. Select the minimum number of turns and delicate wash cycle.

5. It is better to wash with a liquid vehicle for delicate fabrics.

6. Together with the down jacket into the machine, load 3-4 tennis balls (heavy, for tennis, not table).

7. Perc eduru rinses should be repeated 2-3 times, as the foam of the wash down hard.If you do one rinse, divorces remain mails and sure.

How to dry down jacket

Now you know, how to wash down jacket .But no less important, and drying, because if done incorrectly, the thing will be spoiled.For you, we have learned all the tricks and secrets.

1. Dry the jacket in the machine in the drying mode.Do not forget to put in the drum of tennis balls.

2. Hang the jacket on a coat hanger and place it in a ventilated room so feathers did not acquire an unpleasant odor.It would be better to dry the jacket on a sunny day.

3. Do not dry jacket near heaters and batteries!Otherwise fluff and crumpled pomnetsya.

4. Periodically shake down jacket, flatten it.

5. After drying again put the jacket into the washing machine along with the balls to beat a good filler.

All of these tips will help you not only make the jacket clean, but also not to spoil it!

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