Warm blanket: choose the best filler

any store bedding offer visitors all sorts of blankets, that the eyes diverge, but the mind refuses to do logical choice.Each type of blankets have their pros and cons.But to choose, it is still necessary.Therefore it is necessary to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Quilts with synthetic fillers

Sintepon, hollofayber, ekofayber and other polyester fibers have low thermal conductivity.Good warm blanket of padding polyester can be washed in the machine, it quickly dries.Synthetic duvets are hypoallergenic and inexpensive.But there are also disadvantages: a synthetic filler with each washing loses volume, the blanket becomes lumpy as poorly cooked semolina.The second significant drawback - low hygroscopicity.Some types of low quality synthetic fillers are capable of creating a greenhouse effect under the covers.

wool blankets

Budget comforters warm blanket of fine wool warm.This is one of the warmest blankets, but low thermal conductivity and low cost - it's

all his dignity.The rest of the negative qualities.Quilt - real champions of dust absorption.The dust happily and swiftly multiplies dust mites, making blanket allergy nightmare.Vata is very hygroscopic, rapidly absorbs moisture, but leave it does not want.Quilt damp, heavy and unpleasant, "caking" and acquires the smell of damp.Wash it can not, the cost of cleaning comparable to the cost of a new blanket.

wool blankets

great option.Most of the cost of wool - blankets from sheep's wool.They are quite harmless, under normal use hypoallergenic, amenable to washing and cleaning, with respect to durability (use depends on the type and quality of the blanket).The longest are woven wool blankets, a little less - quilted.Most short-lived - fur blankets, but they will serve you just fine a few years.

blankets soft camel wool is more expensive, lasts longer.For elite category include cashmere blankets, made of fine-wool fluff gentle goats.

Blankets of down and feather

Duvets are very warm and light.But they do not wash, in any case, in the home is unlikely to succeed.Allergy either down or feather duvets are not recommended.Most warm blanket (and most expensive) - from eiderdown.Filling of goose and duck down for less.Swan's down is expensive and not very good warm: pathos more than heat.

Blankets with vegetable fillings

to vegetable fillers, is still quite unusual for the Russian market are fiber bamboo, eucalyptus, seaweed, rice husks.They are good warm, oddly enough, very durable. blankets bamboo or eucalyptus can be washed, and it did not lose its qualities.These duvets are hypoallergenic, they do not accumulate dust.Bamboo and eucalyptus also have antibacterial properties.The disadvantages include relatively high cost products.However, such a bouquet of advantages you can live with one minor flaw, is not it?

Quilt silk

minus at Silk blankets is only one: the high price, otherwise it is almost perfectly: exceptional hypoallergenic, low thermal conductivity, excellent hygroscopic properties, the ability to maintain the quantity and quality even after repeatedwashings - all this allows us to consider the purchase of silk comforters very successful investment in your own comfort.Silk warm blanket will last for decades without losing quality.

Electric blankets

In the most extreme case, when you have to sleep in a very cold room, handy electric blanket.It is powered by a conventional power outlet, power consuming roughly the same amount as an incandescent lamp.Under this blanket is always warm.Sometimes it is enough to include it about 15 minutes before bedtime, and then turn off.Blanket have time to warm up the bed to a pleasant temperature, it is enough for a comfortable sleep.Electric blankets Cons: Not all models can be washed.Some can not even fold compactly as it can be damaged by the heating element.A violation of the integrity of the heating element reduces the safety of the appliance.

What warm blanket will warm your dreams?As long as you have not made a choice, remember: do not buy too cheap products from unknown manufacturers - most of them produce their products in more than questionable material in at least questionable cellars located somewhere on the outskirts of Beijing or Shanghai.The presence of branded labels, alas, does not guarantee the authenticity of the product.Take care of your health, do not purchase anything, where you can not (or will not) show a certificate of quality.

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