The blanket of wool: salvation from the cold

When you go to a store that sells bedding, Sales pleased to come to the aid and will be a long and enthusiastically tell you about the benefits of different types of blankets.That's just get the benefits of all of the goods are the same ... Each of the quilts will be presented as an amazing warm, incredibly lightweight, completely hypoallergenic, terribly good for the health, well-washable (unless the machine is not in itself jumps), and qualityhis is certainly not lost for years.

But the buyer is also no fool.And he knows that the best quilts are made from natural materials.In particular, wool, shorn from lambs shaggy, preferably with merino.

Why blanket fleece is preferred to all others?

  • wool retains heat well;
  • it is very hygroscopic;
  • lanolin (animal waxes), covering every strand of wool, has a beneficial effect on the body;
  • blanket fleece can be washed and cleaned without much damage to its quality;
  • with proper storage and use blanket fleece not turn into a source of allergies.

On the latter point requires some explanation: in itself rarely wool is an allergen.The reaction is usually caused by microscopic mites that live in dust.If blanket fleece not become a dust collector if it regularly aired in the cold or dry in a tumble dryer, no mites in it will not start.

Types blankets

There are 3 kinds of blankets from sheep's wool.The most common and popular - the quilt, which is covered with fleece on both sides of the fabric and quilted.The thicker a blanket fleece , so it is warmer.Are classified by the number of blankets of wool per m².Up to 400 g / m² - relatively light blankets, from 400 to 700 - moderately warm, and those in which the wool contains more than 800 g / m², able to shelter from the cold, even at very low temperatures.If someone says that freezes under new sheep quilt, then it just is not thick enough.Yes, over time, the quilt can be "packed" crumpled and lose some of their qualities.Then it rip and revive: wool washed in detergent with lanolin, dry, itchy.Fan the cover of the new wool fabric, stitching again, and revived a blanket ready to serve you another ten years.

second, also very popular variety - woven blankets.Such blanket fleece finer, dense and very warm .It is not crushed and does not cake, beautifully warm.However, it should be washed with care, since the violation of the wash a quilt can "sit", "woolly" and lose form.It is better to give them to the cleaners.

most pleasant to the touch - fur blanket fleece .The tenderness and warmth it difficult to pass, it is necessary to experience ... to make such a blanket of soft merino wool, carefully treated and purified, produce fur fabric.The web may be unilateral or bilateral.Touching a soft warm wool to the skin incredibly nice, it warms itself and creates an unsurpassed comfort.The disadvantages of these blankets can be attributed only to their relative fragility: soft pile has an unfortunate tendency to "roll" even with the most delicate laundry.

However quality fur blanket fleece perfectly serve at least a few years before it will have to be replaced.But as they say consumers to throw away old blanket in any case not necessary.It will last many more years as a warm blanket, blankets on the sofa or chair cushion.

When it's time to acquire new winter blankets is definitely worth paying attention to quilts made of sheep wool.As practice shows, this one is the best one to date.

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