How to insulate the wall from the inside?

choice of material

First you need to purchase the necessary materials for insulation.Typically used for thermal insulation of expanded polystyrene or mineral wool insulation, and sometimes ordinary foam.Naturally, each material has its pros and cons, so you should choose the one that is best suited for insulating walls in your apartment.The answer to the question, how to insulate the walls inside , will depend on the material for insulation.

As for mineral wool insulation, they have good thermal insulation properties (as a bonus there is little sound insulation), but in order to eliminate the water vapor permeability of the material, you need to combine it with a layer of a special material that reduces water vapor transmission rate and to ensure removal of moisture.Vapor barrier closes plasterboard (you can also just plastered the layer), and after already produced wall decoration.Such materials are produced in different formats: in the form of rolls (soft and hard mineral wool), in the form of p

lates (there are several variations of thickness).Instead of mineral wool may be used glass wool.

Expanded polystyrene is composed of many cells, isolated from each other.The same principle is made foam.Differentiation of material sectors allows for good thermal insulation and low water vapor permeability.In addition, these materials are not so strongly impregnated with moisture.Also noted their resistance to deformation.Disadvantages of these materials - high flammability and instability to organic solvents.

Heaters based on polystyrene are fixed to the wall using special glue for greater reliability add fixing dowels.Insulation can zashpatlevat, but it is better to use the grid.

There lighter materials for insulation: film, plaster additives that increase the insulation.If you doubt the choice, contact the sales assistant in the hardware store, he will help you choose the right material and everything you need for thermal insulation (glue, fasteners, etc.).

Preparing walls

Before how to insulate the wall from inside the , need to prepare these very walls.Treat the surface of the walls antiseptic to protect the wall from mold.In the treatment of the walls is best to wear gloves and a mask, as solutions of this kind often contain not helpful to the human body chemicals.It will be superfluous to open or slightly open window, in order not to inhale the solution.Apply an antiseptic recommended roller with a long handle.

insulation fittings

As a rule, start with fixing heater far from the entrance to the lower corner.To insulate the wall from inside the , attach a sheet of insulation to the wall and the floor (sheet should fit tightly to the surface), make a hole in the center of the sheet and hammer umbrella.Results of these holes will need to make about 5. For greater reliability, you can drive in the dowel umbrella.Often there are materials for insulation fittings, which consist of a plastic part (umbrella) and spacer nail.So attach sheets to the wall, trying to avoid gaps between the blocks of material.

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