Blankets of hollofaybera: pros and cons

blankets hollofaybera recently become increasingly appearing on the markets and shops.Hollofayber - it is designed according to modern technologies environmentally friendly fiber that is used as a stuffing for clothing and bedding.

Pros blankets from hollofaybera:

  • hollofayber has a very solid structure that is not subjected to strain or slips, so blankets are in good condition for a long time;
  • blankets hollofaybera very light and warm, so ensure comfort during the holidays;
  • hollofayber - an artificial synthetic material, so it does not start bed mites who loves natural fiber;
  • in blankets of hollofaybera is no accumulation of dust particles, as this material is antistatic;
  • hollofaybera blankets are ideal for people who are allergic to feathers, because hollofayber hypoallergenic;
  • available hollofayber pores filled with air, provide such a blanket constant ventilation, and human skin - the flow of oxygen.
  • blankets of hollofaybera good that they did not ignite.This pr
    operty is provided by the high flame retardancy of synthetic material.

Cons blankets from hollofaybera

cons of such blankets, at first glance, no, but, bothering, one can still be found.If you frequently wash blanket from hollofaybera , the structure of a synthetic filler quickly destroyed.

Proper care blankets hollofaybera

To blanket from hollofaybera retained its appearance and its properties as long as possible, it is necessary for the correct care.We must try as little as possible to wash a blanket, and if there is still a need for washing, then it must be washed by hand or in a washing machine in the "delicate wash".Wash blanket from hollofaybera possible and at a high temperature, and it can be soaked in warm water.

If blanket from hollofaybera lost its shape, it may be rip, to extract from it a filler (hollofayber) and fluff it with a brush that is designed for the hair of animals.So, of course, can not be returned hollofayber the same structure, but fluff filler becomes warmer and easier, and the blanket will return to its original shape.

Hollofayber - it's a great vehicle, blankets that are in demand.However, given all the properties hollofaybera, it is not surprising.

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