Frosty patterns on the glass with his hands

There are several technologies for creating patterns of frost on the glass with his hands.About them we will tell you about.

Patterned cold hands.Option 1

Frosty patterns on the glass with his hands

This version - the easiest.To create patterns of frost on the glass with their hands on this technology, you will need white toothpaste and brushes, the best hard.Our parents are patterns painted tooth powder.

first toothpaste dissolve in water and using a spray bottle, spray the glass - so you will create a haze.Then take a slightly diluted with water toothpaste and light strokes begin to create.Apply strokes from the edge of the window glass to the center, creating shapes, mimic the patterns of frost .For example, you can keep on hand a few photos of these frost and rubbings from them, or you can create stylized strokes like a Christmas tree, a snowman, or other figures.

can not draw - feel free to use the stencils!

Plus this method is its simplicity and efficiency, as well as the fact that after the holidays you easy to remove toothpaste with glass, just after washing it with a sponge and warm water.

Patterned cold hands.Option 2

Frosty patterns on the glass with his hands

more cunning and sophisticated, but also more naturalistic method of creating patterns of frost on the glass with your hands - method with beer and magnesium. Wash and dry the glass.Dissolve 50 g of urea or magnesium in half a glass of light beer and put on the glass by any means, it can be used as a brush or sponge or cotton swab.

When applying imitate frosty "feathers" and curls.When the liquid starts to dry on glass crystals begin to appear, similar to the real frost.To speed up the drying of the glass with a hairdryer.This solution is also fairly easily washed off with glass panes.

Patterned cold hands.Option 3

Frosty patterns on the glass with his hands

Another way to simulate the frost on the glass windows - dissolve in half a glass of water 30-40 g of sodium hyposulfite (this photographic fixer , it is also called sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate, you can tryto find it in stores for professional photographers or stores chemicals).The method described above apply the mixture on the glass and wait until dry.In this case, the crystals are more dense, white, opaque.

Patterned cold hands.Option 4

To write greetings or draw some pictures on the glass, you can use regular glue and powdered sugar.To drawings were smoother, the stencil can be made: with a sponge stencil apply the adhesive onto the glass, and then puff or powder brush, apply the powdered sugar on the glass.Powdered sugar can be used to replace lestkami, baking soda, vanilla . only negative - your drawing can "float" if condensation builds up on the glass, and it is very noticeable (in contrast to previous methods).

decorate frosty glass stains, do not forget about the window sill.Put on a white cloth or wadding to simulate snow, sprinkle glitter, spread cones, toys, fruits (mandarins - certainly!).On top of the window you can hang a cardboard cut out of a brilliant gold and silver stars, or paste them small pieces of double-sided tape to the upper corner of the glass.

If you do not like to wash windows, decorate the house volumetric snowflakes.

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