Linseed oil slimming down with the weight!

why flaxseed oil is useful for weight loss

He truly unique composition.The linseed oil contains vitamins A, E, unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, anti-oxidants;it regulates hormonal sphere, metabolism, reduces appetite, facilitates digestion, improves digestion, helps cleanse the body. It prevents fats postponed "in reserve┬╗ and promotes easy splitting of the existing fat.

How to take slimming linseed oil

The day adult enough 1-2 tbsp.l.oil.They can be refilled salads (it is very well combined with lemon juice and herbs), cottage cheese, it can be mixed with honey, add to other dishes. main rule - do not heat the linseed oil is above 40 ┬░ C. It not only can not fry, it is forbidden to put in a bowl of hot porridge and soups.

Linseed oil for weight loss - off weight

also has a special regimen of flaxseed oil for weight loss.

20 minutes before the first food, drink on an empty stomach 1 hour. L.linseed oil.Half an hour before sleep (evening) drink a second spoon.Gradually increase the number of drunk linseed oi

l to 2 tablespoons.l.per day.E If you unpleasant to drink oil, try to take it in capsules.

Efficiency from taking flaxseed oil for weight loss is not immediately. your body will need 2-3 months to result from taking flaxseed oil became noticeable.But losing weight is absolutely not harmful to your health, on the contrary, strengthens it and does not bring any discomfort, unlike most diets are associated with a significant limitation of the diet.

When used linseed oil can not count calories contained in it, if you eat it separately from other food.

Linseed oil for weight loss: reviews

On the application of linseed oil diet reviews are mostly positive. If you are taking flaxseed oil in line with the recommendations, do not overeat, do not eat a lot of junk food (yet flaxseed oil is not omnipotent and overcome the mountain of burgers and cola lake is not able to), its effectiveness is high.

Girls taking flaxseed oil for weight loss, according to reviews, dropped to 1-2 kg per month, if not change your diet.If they are combined intake of flaxseed oil to the diet, the diet efficiency increases significantly. Pleasant side effects of linseed oil - improving the overall tone, improve mood, alertness, increase efficiency and improve sleep.

The use of flaxseed oil is contraindicated in diseases of the liver and gallbladder, as well as oral contraceptives and other hormonal drugs.

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