For spectacular figures: bath with baking soda for weight loss

Bath with soda diet

Amazing effect of the ash in the fight against fat has been known for a long time.Many probably still have memories of childhood in which my mother wash greasy dishes with baking soda.Soda perfectly helps with fat.It is this property of baking soda used the developers of one of the modern methods of struggle against excess weight, which is based on taking a bath with diet soda.

How to take a bath with baking soda for weight loss?

To achieve a good result, a bath with baking soda for weight loss should be taken on a specific procedure: within 20 days a day. water temperature in a bath should be close to normal body temperature, i.e. 36-37 ° C.Recipe for the bath with soda slimming simple: 200 g of baking soda can be dissolved in hot water and then pour the resulting solution into a bath containing 150-200 liters of water.Bath with diet soda prepared: it must be taken within 20 minutes.

correctly will take a bath sitting, because excess fat accumulates usually on the thighs

, lower abdomen and buttocks.After graduating from the adoption of water treatments should dress, wrap yourself in a blanket or rug and lie down for about an hour.This recipe is very effective, many people try this technique slimming leave positive feedback.

People who want to get rid of excess fat on the arms or back, should be used wiping solution of baking soda.

How to improve the effect of the bath with baking soda for weight loss?

In order to improve the result of soda baths are recommended before treatment to arrange a walk in the fresh air, and after bathing, wrapped in a warm blanket and go to sleep.

result of the adoption of soda baths

To achieve good results, soda baths should be taken in conjunction with proper nutrition and physical activity, while striking effect and finding beautiful and slender body not take long.The main thing to find the time and the desire to achieve the goal.Bath with soda for weight loss without the sea salt is not less useful than a soda-salt baths, which include sea salt and essential oils.

Contra using soda baths

Baths with diet soda are contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes.Anyone who has any chronic diseases, before you start taking baths with soda for weight loss, you should consult a doctor.

Other ways of making soda baths

Few pleasure adoption classic soda bath ... That is why lovers delights and aesthetics were invented soda "bombs" bath, which structure except baking soda include citric acid, starch,essential oils, flower petals, etc.

method of their production is simple: it is necessary to crush in a mortar and Article 8.l.soda and 4 tbsp.l.citric acid, then add 2 tbsp.l.starch, 1 tbsp.l.almond oil, 5 drops of an essential oil.The following is the resulting mixture to stamp molds and hold them for about an hour.After 1-2 days of drying, laid out on a sheet of paper.Keep soda "bombs" to be in the food film.

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