Fat burning cocktail: recipes for a beautiful figure

What is fat burning slimming shakes

Many substances have the ability to stimulate the breakdown of fat. This is achieved by accelerating metabolism due to a slight increase in body temperature, enhance blood flow, stimulate the production of certain hormones, oxidation of fatty tissue, compromising its stability, etc.

wide range of fat-burning cocktails offer sports nutrition stores, but firstly, these cocktails are quite expensive, and secondly, not all will accept "chemistry."What to do?There is an excellent solution - the preparation of tasty and healthy fat-burning cocktails at home.

Fat burning weight loss shakes

What helps burn fat

Here is a list of products that successfully cope with the fatty deposits:

  • and green leafy vegetables;

  • apples, pears, carrots, tomatoes;

  • citrus, pineapple, kiwi, papaya;

  • persimmon;

  • ginger;

  • coffee;

  • green tea;

  • kefir, sour;

  • garlic;

  • cinnamon;

  • honey;

  • red chili.

of these products, and we will prepare fat burning cocktail.

Fat burning cocktail -retsepty beautiful figure - water Sassi

recipes fat burning cock

easiest beverage to burn fat - water Sassi (infused in water overnight to lemon, mint and ginger).Ginger (both fresh and dry ground) may also be added to tea and coffee.

Another fairly simple cocktail to burn fat - yogurt with red pepper. It stimulates the metabolism, improves digestion and instantly invigorates.It can also be added ground cinnamon and ginger.

very effective for weight loss tomato juice with black pepper and garlic. It is, in principle, you can replace lunch or dinner, asTomato juice is very rich.

fat-burning tea. On a typical green tea, add a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of crushed berries currants and blueberries, a pinch of ginger, cinnamon and chili and a slice of lemon or orange.

To prepare these wonderful drinks, you will need a juicer and (or) a blender.

Banana cocktail.In a blender grind 1 banana mixed with 150 ml of skim milk and 150 g of natural low-fat yogurt, add 1 ch. L.honey and a pinch of cinnamon.All whisk in a blender and drink until crisp.

protein coconut cocktail. Perfect for a snack before or after exercise, refreshes and nourishes the body.In a blender, whisk 300 ml of soy milk, 300 grams of cottage cheese, add 2-3 tbsp.l.cocoa, 10 chopped walnuts and garnish with a pinch of coconut.

Vitamin berry cocktail. prepared from frozen berries (strawberries, blackberries - 500 g), 2 fresh bananas, fresh juices of orange and pomegranate (1 tbsp.).You can add sugar to taste.

Simple fitness cocktail. prepared in a blender of 3 apples (preliminary necessary to remove the core and cut the peel), 150 ml of yogurt, 1 tbsp.l.honey and a pinch of ground cinnamon.

Summer exotic cocktail. prepared in a blender of kiwi and mint, lemon, parsley, honey and water.

Fresh Fruit and vegetable mix.Very refreshing drink, but are contraindicated for people with high acidity of the stomach.It is a mixture of fresh carrot juice, apple, tangerine, lemon or lime, grapefruit, celery and ginger root.On an empty stomach can not eat.

Vegetable fat burning cocktail. This cocktail is prepared in a blender or juicer from mint leaves, parsley, peeled cucumber, 1 head of garlic and 2 oranges.Taste, of course, specific, but the effect but very strong.

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