Video Tutorial 2: legs

  • As the ancient wisdom of one who does not go forward, he moves back.Therefore continue to do fitness at our video to soon achieve the results and tell yourself, "thank you."
  • What train?The clothing that does not restrict movement, made of natural fabrics and in which you itself like you!
  • Know that promotes weight loss green tea.It contains polyphenols that increase the heat transfer through the processing of fats.In addition, green tea lowers blood sugar, and thus suppressed hunger.To achieve tangible results, it is necessary to drink 3-5 cups of this tea a day.
  • Effective anti-cellulite body mask can be made at home.To do this you need to add a little blue clay and mineral water in the coffee grounds.Apply massage on wet skin.Caffeine is responsible for the breakdown of fat, and clay for getting rid of excess fluid in the subcutaneous tissue.
  • Halle Berry, having given birth to a daughter 43 years old, gave a promise that there will be released until lose weight.And after a month and a half the act
    ress posed for photographers, showing his excellent form!The secret - in the daily hours of training on the elliptical trainer, yoga, and swimming pool.All will and you, the main thing - the systematic fitness!

Exercise №1.Squatting with bodibarom outstretched rukah.Vypolnyaem 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Starting position - feet shoulder width apart, toes look straight.Raise bodibar up.

flex back ago.Press tense.Knees remain in place.Taz back.The center of gravity Gone heels.Squat!

Exercise №2.Squatting in a wide stance.Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Starting position - feet set wide.Socks and knees looking apart.

Sit clearly between the legs.You can use the weighting equipment - for example, bodibar.

Exercise №3.Lunges back with dumbbells.Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Starting position - feet shoulder width apart.Alternately lunges back, keeping the knees 90 degrees.The press is always in tension.The top looks up at the ceiling.

Exercise №4.Lean forward with the weights.Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Starting position - feet shoulder width apart, arms at your sides with a dumbbell.

Do leaned forward.We try to take away your pelvis back, bend your back.Knees straight face clearly.The blades are not divorced, and rounded back.

Exercise №5.Static wall.Length - 30 seconds - 1 minute.The number of approaches - individually.

approach the wall.Put your feet on a distance from the wall, so that when we sit down, the angle between the tibia and femur was 90 degrees.His back pressed firmly against the wall.Hands do not rely.Detain a static position.

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