Dzhusing: juice diet or death?

What dzhusing

One extreme diets that promise quick results, a juice diet or dzhusing. As the name implies, the basis of this diet is juice.It usually lasts from 5 to 10 days and a loss of 5-8 kg promises.

Supporters diet dzhusing list its advantages: the juices of natural fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals, they are low in calories, they are easy to digest thanks to its small structure, they clean the intestines, kidneys and excrete salt and excess water, andaccelerate metabolism.This is the official version, one side of the coin.But there is a second, which advocates no diet or juice producers do not speak.

harm dzhusing diets

Juices of fruits and vegetables can not give your body all it needs nutrients.They contain many vitamins and minerals, but not everything that the body needs. There is little protein and fatty acids, and after all this is vital to man. a result of the juice diet lost weight can be paid metabolic disorders, digestive spoiled, but the fun is waiting

for you within 3-4 weeks after dzhusing diet: discarded kilograms back in full, and even on top of a couple of kilograms of increase.

Dzhusing - juice diet

Why is the idea of ​​a failure to lose weight on juice

calorie reduction causes the body to consume fat reserves.That's just break down fat - not an easy task, so the body prefers to get energy from other sources - for example, proteins.But where do we get the proteins in the juice diet because they are almost there?In muscles.

Did you think that you do not need the fat and the muscle needed.The body a different opinion: he sees that you do not lift weights or sprinting, and "gold stock" in the form of fat - is the most valuable, according to your body is the key to survival in the event of an emergency.

Without muscles you live, no hair, no teeth, impaired reproductive function, but without the nutrients that the body keeps a careful fat - no.So he tries to save: ceases to nourish the hair, does not give the calcium in bones and teeth, reduce the rate of metabolic processes, saves glucose, which was previously sent to the brain and muscles, reduces the reproductive function, "eat" its own muscles ... Upon finishingdiet, hardship and have access to food, body, taught by bitter experience in the first place, and replenish fat (just in case) increases them.

And then to lose weight?

without harm to health and without the notorious "reverse effect" to lose weight can be not more than 3-5 kg ​​per month, remember this.Do not torture yourself diets, just eat well: do not exceed the daily rate of caloric, do not eat at night, keep the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet (it looks like a 3: 2: 5), and no extreme diet you do not need.

juices of vegetables, fruits and herbs and other fat burning cocktails are very useful and can help you lose weight, but it will never be a full replacement for sport and proper nutrition.

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