Meltwater slimming

Our body is entirely dependent on the water, it is no wonder it is 60-80% of it.Of water depends on the formation of new cells, and excretion of degradation products.It is therefore important to consume a sufficient amount of clean water, and it can be easily cleaned and to return to her unique properties - freeze and then melt water used for weight loss and health improvement.

general use for weight loss is not only kind of water, but the water Sassi, for example.Read about it on the link: Water Sassi and its miraculous properties .

Meltwater: use

Fresh melt water has on the body unquestionable beneficial effects, namely:

  • increases immunity;

  • displays the body decay products, toxins, toxins and excess salt;

  • speeds up the metabolism;

  • activates the metabolism;

  • has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system;

  • person charges vigor and energy;

  • reduces appetite.

Preparation meltwater

To prepare melt water best to use clean drinking water - filtered, tap or bottled.As

a last resort you can take boiled water, but the quality of the melt water will, of course, below.

So, take clean water, pour into a plastic container (glassware can crack, the metal can not be used) is not up to the brim.The container is put in the freezer for an hour, then remove and clean the surface and sides of water thin ice - is harmful impurities: hydrogen isotopes, deuterium and tritium, which freeze first.

Then again, put the container in the freezer, but now wait until almost all the water freezes (2/3), except for a small amount in the center.Uncured portion of the liquid - the remnants of the "harmful" water containing heavy metals.Make a hole in a piece of ice and just drain the water.

If you do not have time to remove the first ice and water froze completely, have a backup method of cleaning the ice.Take a good look at the ice: it is composed of different parts: a transparent and turbid white.It white areas and contains harmful substances. From them can be removed in two ways: to melt under hot running water or chipped with a sharp knife.In the supermarket you can find bottled melt water, but the unique properties of this water can be questioned, because the melt water for weight loss should always be fresh (just melted).

Meltwater slimming: application

Melt water for weight loss need to to defrost at room temperature, stored no more than 8 hours, because after this time, it begins to lose its beneficial properties.The most effective water - water with a temperature of 10 ° C.Drink it should be in small sips.In order to lose weight, take a cold melt water to 4 cups a day.1 cup - in the morning on an empty stomach, and then for an hour before a meal during the day.Course admission melt water for weight loss - 1 month.You can then take a break, taking 1-2 cups a day for the prevention and strengthen the immune system, and if you want to repeat the course.

It is best to cook a lot of ice and gradually defrost the right amount. You can also divide the ice into pieces and put in bags.If the melt water stood more than 8 hours, do not worry, just freeze it again.Water, frozen 2-3 times, is considered the most useful.

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