Movies Audrey Tautou three roles

Fatal Beauty (France, 2006) - romantic comedy where Audrey Tautou appears the complete opposite of his heroines.Huntress of men's hearts, or more precisely - the purses, is not afraid of defeat, but, alas, in any work are misfiring.Fatal adventuress Irene takes a humble servant of the Hotel Jean billionaire, and he does everything to support her in this belief.When the end of his savings, the fun begins.

Audrey Tautou is perfectly accustomed to the role of male delinquents want tranquility.Open dress with the perfect curve of the back, piercing eyes, feigned innocence as a "controlling mind" and very French bare shoulders.

Coco Chanel (France, Belgium, 2009) - filmed biography of legendary women - the designer Coco Chanel.Audrey Tautou played Gabrielle Chanel when she was not yet rich and famous.She played a simple but extremely talented and grip girl Coco, who knew exactly what she wants and does not waste your time on trifles.The actress is well able to convey uncompromising in hi

s eyes, a little man's habits and then the rise and transformation of simpleton into an elegant lady.Perhaps the best actress for this role is not found.

Tenderness (France, 2011) - this film adaptation of the novel of David foenkinos, which became a bestseller in France in 2009.All announcements of the film is presented as "the story of a magical kiss."The main character - a young girl Natalie, who plays Audrey Tautou.She is beautiful, and happily married.In an instant, her life is divided into before and after: her husband unexpectedly dies, and Natalie left alone with their grief, as if falling into the Evacuation and his heartache.Pull it out of this state can only form a new love in awkward and funny fellow, whom Natalie, unexpectedly for herself, kissed ...

Audrey Tautou here plays a completely defenseless girl with such a deep and sad eyes, that the heart stops whenone glance at her.In love with Natalie, almost all the men in this film, but she did not see anyone in front of him.The heroine Audrey Tautou is a desire to protect and boundless tenderness.

now preparing to release three films featuring Audrey Tautou, one of which is called "Teresa D." will soon be on the screen.

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