What are Goji Berries: barberry berry or wolf?

Goji berries - barberry berry or wolf?

becoming popular, any product causes a lot of controversy and contradictory descriptions.So it is believed that Goji - this is one of the varieties of poisonous Wolfberry.This is not true.

Wolfberry or, as they call it, the wolf bast, belongs to the family thymelaeaceae.The main distribution area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis plant is considered to be the territory of Eurasia from Europe to about Lake Baikal.Barberry - shrub of the family Berberidaceae. A goji berries - this is not a barberry and Wolfberry and Lycium Barbarum.It refers to the family Solanaceae, and in contrast to the Wolfberry, is not poisonous. on barberry berry goji just like the shape and sweet-sour taste.

Goji grows in Mongolia, China, Tibet, as well as in the border regions of eastern India.The shape of the sea-buckthorn berries resemble - oblong with fine sandpaper.They can not collect from the bush, since it is easy to crush.Therefore shake branches to the fruit crumble.The berries are dried on the ground,

and then collect and use for cooking, drinks and medicines.

To better understand what goji berries, let's look at their composition. list of nutrients concentrated in these small sour fruit, impressive!This manganese, copper, chromium, zinc, selenium, nickel, potassium, calcium, iodine, cobalt and others, only about 20. In addition, the berries goji - a source of 19 amino acids and four polysaccharides.And, of course, is a storehouse of vitamin C and B vitamins

Goji berries - a barberry or Wolfberry

benefits of goji berries

medical studies have confirmed a high level of positive effects of goji berries on the various systems of the human body. hard to believe that goji berries - prophylactic agent for such dangerous diseases as multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, heart failure.

Goji berries normalize cholesterol and sugar in the blood, contribute to the improvement of strengthening retina, struggling with hypertension, disorders in the bone marrow, support the work of the liver and kidneys.

What are goji berries for people suffering from excess weight?It is a real salvation.After all, they have a positive effect on hormones.Their energy value helps to maintain the strict diet with no harm to the body.

Rumor has it that many stars are so thin, for example wife Stas Mikhailov thin on goji berries .

positive dynamics while taking goji berries notes and problems such as insomnia, decreased sexual activity, poor memory, being in a state of stress.

As a powerful antioxidant goji berries slow down the aging process in the human body, improve skin condition.

methods use goji berries

Since goji berries are not poisonous, then use it can be different, simple ways to add to any cereal, make teas, fruit drinks, teas and tinctures.Goji can be eaten in its pure form.On the internet pharmacies and you can buy the pills, as well as a variety of bars and muesli with berries goji.

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