What movie to see with a friend

1. Sex and the City (USA, 2008) - film based on the story n opulyarnogo American television series.The focus of the sexual lives of four friends who are already under forty.Each of them already have a favorite person, and for some, and children.Friendship is growing over the years, and her friends have something to tell each other.Director: Michael Patrick King

2. The Devil Wears Prada (USA, 2006) - comedy ridiculing the pathos inherent in the world of fashion and gloss .One of the most popular films work in gloss . starring the famous fashion magazine editor legendary Meryl Streep as well as her right hand, the actress Anne Hathaway.Between the two women develop a complex relationship of hostility to friendship, as a young assistant fulfills all orders picky boss and becomes a laughingstock for his glamorous colleagues.Director: David Frankel

3. French Kiss (US, UK, 1995) - romantic comedy about a young woman, Kate (Meg Ryan), who met in an airplane with a Frenchman named Lu

ke, not knowing what isdeal with the thief, put her expensive necklace for transportation.A strange familiarity suddenly develops into something more.Director: Lawrence Kasdan

What movie to see with a friend

4. Bimbo (Belle) (France, 1998) - romantic comedy, whose main character was a girl Cecile Bussy.She has a reputation of "gray mouse", he wrote the dissertation and the book is allergic to dust.Suddenly familiarity with the rich and glamorous roommate helps to reveal her secret to the brink, and Cecil begins to lead a double life, to win the heart of handsome teacher (Gerard Depardieu).Director: Ariel Zeitoun

5. Chocolate (US, UK, 2000) - a film based on the novel by British writer Joanne Harris with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp in the lead roles. film about a young woman named Vianne, who broke into the life of the little French town and turned it on its head, opening a small shop.Having been there once, people gain hope and realize their dreams.Directed by: Lasse Hallström

6. Pelican ( Greece, France, 2011) - an amazing and touching story of friendship boy with a pelican.One day, a little ugly chick comes out, he finds a faithful friend, and helps widowed father back to life.Directed by: Olivier Orel

What movie to see with a friend

7. Bar "Coyote Ugly" (US, 2000) - a romantic comedy whose action takes place in a real bar of New York under the name "Coyote Ugly."The main character - a young shy Violet, who dreams of becoming a singer, but he is afraid of the scene.It becomes a waitress in the bar "Coyote Ugly," where she would have priodolet his shyness, and someone will help her in this ... Director: David McNally

8. Purple Sea (Italy, 2009) -melodrama about a woman's love.Heart-rending events take place on the island of Sicily in the 19th century.The main character named Angela was always not similar to peers.She knows how to stand up for himself, good-looking, but inside her raging emotions raging hurricane.That's just not addressed it to the man ... Directed by: Donatella Majorca.

What movie to see with a friend

9. Ghost (USA, 1990) - mystical drama about a young couple in love in New York: Sam and Molly.In the fight with the robbers Sam pogibaet.Teper he is only a ghost, but he has the opportunity to reach his beloved from the dead to give her an important message ... Starring: Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.Director: Jerry Zucker

10. Bandidas (USA, France, Mexico, 2006) - western two burning babes in the title role - Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek.The film is set in Mexico in 1888.Banks Wild West tremble at the hands charming adventurers.They are fearless and resourceful, and everything seems to be coming away with!Director: Joaquin Ronning

11. Adults nowhere (Triple call) (Denmark, 2006) - three friends, Sophie, Claudia and Rebecca, live in a hurry, in a hurry to become adults.A game in which each of the girls gets a certain task, suddenly fundamentally changes their lives, showing that any step is not accidental and could have consequences.So girls are transferred to the adult world ... Directed by: Christina Rosendahl

12. Three meters above the sky (Spain, 2010) - a classic love story of a girl from a wealthy family Babi and rebellious guy Aceh belonging to the worldextreme sports, danger and risk.Their love seems to destroy you, and the opportunity to be together - incredible, yet fate has brought them ... Director: Fernando Molina

What movie to see girlfriend

13. Bridesmaids (USA, 2011) -comedic plot, the lightness of being.Girls gather at a bachelorette party on the occasion of the wedding of one of the best friends!What is not a reason to forget about men at all?The girls have a rest so that it will be difficult to forget!Director: Paul Faig

What movie to see with a friend

14. Women (USA, 2008) - A modern version of the film in 1939.Mary Hines - a successful and happy woman, because for this it has everything: the work provided by her husband, a beautiful daughter, and three faithful friends in the bargain.One day she discovers that her husband has a mistress - a saleswoman of perfumery department.Her despair is no limit, but come to the aid of friends ... Director: Diane English

15. Miss Congeniality (USA, Australia, 2000) - criminal comedy.Starring Sandra Bullock.The film is about a simple girl Gracie from New Jersey, who from the ugly duckling turns into a real beauty, with more becoming an FBI agent!Its mission today - to take part in konkruse beauty to expose the dangerous criminal.Will she come out unscathed?Director: Donald Petrie

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