Goji berries: What the wonderful Boxthorn?

Find the pharmaceutical market a full range of vitamins and minerals whose properties do not contradict each other and really contribute to a balanced flow of all nutrients, it is extremely difficult.Nature itself offers us as a natural product, come to us from Tibet, popular in China and India.Although goji berries grow and our Russian expanses, the product is considered exotic and is not cheap, but its beneficial properties than a few can match.

Useful properties of goji berries

Fruits of Lycium Barbarum contain almost all elements of the periodic table.Included in the diet goji berries, you replenish your body with zinc, which is hard to find in other products, valuable magnesium and potassium, iron, calcium, copper, vitamins B, vitamins A and C. In total, goji berries contain 21 minerals and 19 amino acids.

Taking food goji berries, you are helping your body to improve the quality of life, because the range of the positive effects of this product is truly impressive:

  • maintaining the body

    in good shape and recuperation;

  • slowing the aging process;

  • improve metabolism;

  • normal levels of melatonin;

  • increase immunity and resistance to viruses;

  • normalization of hormonal levels;

  • increased libido;

  • strengthening the cardiovascular system;

  • cleansing the body of toxins;

  • treatment of diseases of the digestive tract;

  • help in the fight against excess weight.

Goji berries - a wonderful Boxthorn

How to use goji berries?

Dried goji berries can be eaten in its pure form.Enough to eat 1 tbsp.l.well washed berries at breakfast and dinner to a couple of weeks to feel the full their usefulness, including notice a reduction in weight.

From goji can make tea, Gulf of boiling water and letting it brew for about 20-30 minutes.The infusion can be drunk in the heat and in the cold, with honey or lemon.

Goji berries to your liking bit like raisins , so perfectly with boiled rice, bulgur or quinoa grains.

Vitamin breakfast with goji berries

goji berries can be cooked vitamin breakfast.To do this, combine the oats, walnuts, cashews, add a little salt, cinnamon and coconut.The mixture fry in a pan until caramelization (golden color).

Add a little oil (ideally - almond or coconut) and sugar (honey) to taste.Remove from heat, cool, add pre-soaked goji berries.Done!

Porridge with goji berries and nuts

goji berries for weight loss

Clean up excess fat deposits, taking goji berries every day as a remedy, much easier than to exhaust himself to death.The goji very few calories, and organic acids contained in them, break down fats.In addition, due to saturation of the body with vitamins goji reduce appetite.

polysaccharides composed fruit goji nutrients not converted into fat and energy.As it is known, is also required for weight loss reduction of cholesterol in the blood, and goji berries contribute to the destruction of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, purify the blood and as a result, weight loss.

daily consumption of about 20 grams of goji berries gives an amazing result.Action goji will be more full in combination with other measures for weight loss: a healthy diet and exercise.

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Eating goji berries has no contraindications, so they can be there for children and adults, and the elderly.

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