Movies about infidelity

neighbor (France, 1981)

Movies about infidelity love story with a tragic end, and quite unexpected.The film is set in the French countryside, where he lives an exemplary family man, Bernard (Gerard Depardieu) with his wife and son.However, their ordered life stops when the house next door to enter Philip and Matilda (Fanny Ardant).At a quick glance, full of memories, it is clear that Bernard and his new neighbor familiar and have a common past.Lost quiet man derails his entire previous life, indulging the passion and overwhelmed.Bernard and Mathilde cling to any opportunity to retire, whether it be a hotel, an apartment or a car.Sooner or later, this story was supposed to end, and someone had to finish her first ...

Invalid (USA / Germany / France, 2002)

Movies about infidelity

exemplary American familyEdward (Richard Gere) and his wife, Connie, and their eight year old son live on the outskirts of New York.Their life size and quiet, but once calm violates Connie sudden meeting with a stranger from Soho, which develops into a rap

id, but obviously doomed romance.

moments of passion so fascinating woman that she is no longer aware of the destructive power of this connection.Edward soon realizes what is happening, and tracks down his unfaithful wife.What a loving man ready for the sake of the family?How will the temptation of passion stronger than common sense?

film contains many beautiful sex scenes, and the acting makes us believe that everything that happens - for life.Perfect for watching both friend , and with guy .

other men (US / UK, 2008)

Movies about infidelity successful businessman Peter (Liam Neeson) happily married.It has everything you need for a perfect life: money, a house, a beautiful wife and a daughter.One day his wife disappeared.Desperate husband goes on a search and finds evidence of her infidelity during the whole 12 years.It turned out that all this time he lived with a woman really knew.

calculated by photographs and letters, some details treason , replete with hatred Peter flies to Milan to gain the trust of his wife's lover Ralph ( Antonio Banderas).What effect will this meeting?New details do drama like a thriller.

Last night in New York (USA / France 2009)

Movies about infidelity

One night becomes a test of loyalty for a young couple.

Michael goes on a business trip with a seductive colleague Laura (Eva Mendes), and the same night his wife Joanna (Keira Knightley) meets his former young man and takes his invitation to dine together.

spouses will consult with temptation?A touching story of life in which you believe.

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