Best movies of Monica Bellucci

Apartment (France, 1996). film of French director Gilles Mimouni first brought Monica Bellucci fame.The actress played the girl Lisa, who once left the main character, suddenly disappeared.A few years later, he sees her again, the coffee shop, and lost, rushes to find.To get his hands on the keys of a certain apartment in which his life changes radically.For Monica Bellucci, this role has become a truly fatal, because in the film, she met and worked together with his beloved Vincent Cassel.For the role of Lisa Monica received an award "Cesar" in the nomination "The budding actress."

Malena (Italy, USA, 2000). pivot role of Monica Bellucci in her acting career.Malena - lonely, but incredibly beautiful woman waiting for her husband to war.She lives alone and takes care of the old man's father.Men young and old undress her eyes, and women hate.In order to somehow survive, Malena starts trading himself.In this role Bellucci especially natural and dramatic, mysterious appeal.The film created by direct

or Giuseppe Tornatore.

How Much Do You Love Me?(Italy, France, 2005). little strange and surreal film by Bertrand Blier in which Monica Bellucci played ... a prostitute.Femme fatale dream, which falls in love with a man who won the lottery.He buys it, but the dream is still necessary to be able to keep!What it will cost him?Bellucci is striking in its beauty and grace throughout the film from it is simply impossible to look away.Candid role and nudity in the frame allow it to more than easy.Perhaps it is in this film Bellucci most in harmony with itself.

Do not look back (France, 2009). Thriller director Marina de Van.The film is based on the resemblance of the two actresses - Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau.Monica played the writer Joan, mother of two children, who suddenly starts to notice strange changes in their home and in their appearance.In the reflection she sees not itself.Finding photos in the house of the woman, it is sent to Italy in search of her.Even those who disagree with the similarity Bellucci and Marceau, see how similar these actresses in the film.

last film, where he plays Monica Bellucci, today is «Rhino Season» , the premiere of which takes place around the world and is expected soon in Russia.

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