5 Haunted Hotels

1. Asia Hotel, Bangkok ( Thailand)

only the most daring and desperate dare to live at the Asia Hotel.It dim lighting and old rooms.They look scary in itself.But that's not all: the middle of the night on the bed suddenly you can sit translucent silhouette, but just you try to start a conversation with her - it completely dissolves in the air.

2. Yu Shan Fan Dian, Changsha (China)

anyone wants to see this ghost of the Empress?If it is, make sure you go to China.The town of Changsha, which is located north of Beijing, a 3-hour drive, is famous for a large hotel Yu Shan Fan Dian.These lands many years ago were the property of the royal dynasty, which is why the ghost of the Empress Yu Shan constantly notice in the halls and rooms.

3. Langham Hotel, London ( UK)

Most of the ghosts can be found in the UK.Ghosts really like this European country.Guests of the capital of a five star Lanhham Hotel meets regularly cast.Very often - of a gentleman who wears a suit Edwardian.

4. Selsdon Park Hotel, Surrey (Velikobretaniya)

say that this hotel inhabits most ghosts.Guests can not see the lady with the man who is easy to pass through the stone walls and suddenly appear in the rooms and hallways.

5. Holt Hotel, Oxfordshire (UK)

Most often tourists stop in Holt Hotel in order to live during the trip in a cozy room, to see the sights and enjoy the peace and beautiful nature.However, someone is attracted to the ghosts.Legend has it that 400 years ago in this house brutally murdered the owner and his wife.Throughout accused the Frenchman - he, according to the stories, seduced by a beautiful woman, and that was the cause of the bloody drama.It is from now on a killer ghost appears constantly in the rooms of the hotel.

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