How to get a visa?

Currently, all sides are heard offers tour operators.If you wish, you can easily go anywhere in the world and even beyond.However, in some states get more complicated and the reason for that is the presence of the visa regime.We will not tell you how to get a visa, but only give some advice on the matter.

There are three main areas of tourist flow: the United States, European Union and Asia.And each has its own characteristics, but each visa based on three "pillars": documents to obtain it, the procedure of obtaining and validity.

First of all let's talk about the required documents.Their set is different depending on the type of visa requested.There are two main classifications: the duration (short term, long term) and for the purpose of travel (tourism, private visit, business, student, work).For each of them will need:

  • passport;
  • old passport with visas (if any);
  • color photos;
  • help with work on the letterhead, showing the average monthly salary, position, date of joining;
  • bank statement or cr
    edit card on the basis of a certain amount per day of stay or traveler's checks for that amount;
  • profile;
  • copy of the internal passport.

for minors require as complete a separate application form, provide a copy of the birth certificate (passport for children over 14 years);authorization (consent) if the child is traveling with a third person or with a parent.

If you are not working and honorable calling a pensioner, then you will be asked a photocopy of the pension certificate.

private visit to need an invitation to your friends or relatives for a student - an invitation from the school.If a business trip - you will be asked confirmation of the commercial relationship, this may be a contract, business correspondence, or extract from the register on the registration of the company in this country.

Now let's talk about how to obtain.Many countries are allowed to obtain a visa at the airport of destination.So, flying to Egypt, you do not need to pre-treat the consulate.Upon arrival at the border put a stamp in the passport, and you can safely stay in the country.The cost of the stamp is usually not more than 20 dollars.However, in this case it is desirable to know in advance the conditions of affixing such stamp.For example, in China, such a method is allowed entry only to registered Russian citizens permanently residing in a particular area of ​​China and for tourists arriving at the airport in Sanya (. Hainan).At the same time, your name should be in the visa-free list, or you should have a listing on the official website of the government of Hainan Island, confirms the possibility of obtaining a visa at the border, otherwise you will not be allowed on the plane.

to Schengen countries and certain other documents are submitted to the Consulate or drawn through a special representative in the country.It is important to consider that citizens in certain areas are required to submit documents to the pre-designated centers.For example, the residents of St. Petersburg can not be made out through the Moscow Consulate of Italy, as there is the same in St. Petersburg.The good news is that personal presence is not required.But if you want to get a visa to the United States, at the final stage you will have to pass an interview with the Consul - basically you will be asked about the purpose of visit, duration, and its motives.So the Americans are trying to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants to their country.

visa applications may be different.For example, to obtain a US visa, you will need much more time.About three weeks is necessary to send and review your set of documents must arrive after the consulate for an interview, and if so only in a week you will be sent your passport stamped with a visa.This means that when planning a trip to collect documents in advance.But if the trip does not require a delay, you can apply for a visa on an urgent basis, it takes about a week for the Schengen - 3-4 days.

Many tour operators and private companies offer services in support of the visa clearance.The list includes: consulting, execution of the missing documents, preparing for interviews, submission of documents to the consulate, after reviewing the delivery of documents.The cost of these services varies from 1,500 to 5,000 rubles, excluding the price of visa and visa fee.Some types of visas free of charge, for example, a student.

What else you need to know:

  1. Schengen unites 26 countries to obtain a visa in one of them, you can easily travel to all the others.The only condition is that the documents submitted to the consulate of the country where you plan to be the longest, or which are entering.
  2. Even for the Schengen visa requirements vary.
  3. If the cost of the trip will cover a person, it would require a statement of that person and a certificate from the employer confirming his desire and ability to reimburse the cost.
  4. consent of the parent (s) on the removal of the child for some countries require a notarized power of attorney.
  5. Bank statement can be valid for 2 weeks or 1 month.
  6. for England and some other countries will need to produce at the border for booking hotels and a return ticket.Do not be alarmed if you begin to ask questions and inspect the luggage - a standard procedure.
  7. There is a separate type of visa - transit, it is given for up to one week for temporary stay in the country, which is not the final destination of your trip, such as transplant at the international airport or landing to refuel.
  8. During the interview at the US Consulate for a business or a work visa, special attention will be paid to your level of English.
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