Winter vacation: where to spend the New Year holidays?

Select tour New Year holidays should be based on what kind of holiday you prefer: a family or friends, a trip to the sea or to the ski resort.Or maybe you want to visit places of entertainment?The choice is huge!

Catholic Christmas

plunge into the atmosphere of this Christmas story can be as early as the end of December, having gone to celebrate Catholic Christmas (December 25) in one of the countries of Europe or the Baltic states.If you can start your winter vacation a little earlier than usual, be sure to visit Tallinn, Prague, Vienna, Berlin.Paris.Hamburg and other cities, which opened in December, Christmas markets.Special festive flavor is felt everywhere: souvenirs, Christmas toys, people in the images of famous characters, as well as in the melodies of street musicians.Wine, grog, national dishes and sweets will not let you freeze to death!

Northern Lights

This heavenly miracle with absolute probability can zastavte in January in Yakutia, for example, or you can head for the northern l

ights in the expanse of Norway.Snow-covered beaches, lapped by the sea ice-free due to the warm Gulf Stream, the tops of the mountains and the transparent blue sky, which pierce the colorful lights of the northern lights - this is what prepares you for the Norwegian land.Arriving in Norway, you can ride a sled dog and deer, as well as to visit the legendary Ice Hotel, where even the furniture is made of ice!

New Year under a palm tree

popular among Russians has become a tradition to celebrate New Year somewhere on a sunny beach.Why no?If you are not one of those who is looking forward to the first snow and frost, it's time to throw down jackets and coats and go to Egypt or Thailand to soak up the sunshine.The two are the most popular budget and in January.Considered more expensive tours to Cuba and the United Arab Emirates.When planning a beach vacation in the middle of winter, consider the acclimatization, where you are sure to incur in connection with changes in temperature.


If you have - a supporter of holiday season, the conquest of the mountain peaks will suit you the most.The most popular are the ski resorts in Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland.Each location has its advantages: for example, in the Austrian Alps is perfectly developed baby service - you can go there easily with the children;Chamonix (France) is famous for the fact that you can combine skiing with excellent shopping, expensive ski resorts in Italy promise huge area for skiing and trails of Switzerland is best equipped.

Finland (Levi, Vuokatti) Norway (Lillehammer) - a great place for a family holiday

choose a venue for the Christmas holidays better in the fall.If you do not have time to take care of buying a round in advance, it is likely you overpay a little more money, but will get a memorable trip!

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