The best Russian films of 2012

8 First Dates

One morning two completely unfamiliar with each other people wake up in one of the installations of the exhibition center, in the same bed.Vera (Oksana Akinshina) - known TV talk shows, and Nikita (Vladimir Zelensky) - veterinarian.Both have the second half, and the wedding on the nose, and the magic began, because of which every morning for a whole week they meet together, spoiling his plans.Or vice versa - helps you find your destiny?Heroes of the need to make the effort to understand what are the mysterious spell over them, and until they do, because of the love comes ...

The best Russian films of 2012


Life top manager Max Andreev (Daniel Kozlowski), most of the people around him seems like paradise: he is young, free, rich, and is on top of a large corporation.His life is full of vanity, but day-to-day hero of the film teeters on the brink of the abyss, spending huge amounts of money for cocaine, women and expensive alcohol.He has all but himself.The film based on the novel Min

aeva "Duhless" very good talks about the false values ​​and life, for which there is nothing but scenery.

Mom.March 8!

film prepared specially for the holiday March 8, he tells about the special love of the sons to their mothers.Filmed in novelnoy form so close to today's audience.Eight short stories with a share of sadness and laughter bring to mind our children's habits and antics and become a child again, at least briefly.Eight different greetings with well-known actors in the lead roles: Sergei Bezrukov, Dmitry Dyuzhev Alexei Panin, Michael Porechenkov and others.

Love with accent

film director Rezo Gigineishvili about feelings, which are notThey know no borders, nationalities and visa regimes.Movies about what bright and multifaceted love can be: a mature, naive, shy, cheeky and totally crazy.Beautiful scenery solar Tbilisi, Batumi and Georgia's other spaces pleasing to the eye and intriguing characters and stories are interwoven into one big love story!


This movie is about Russian life, or rather of two completely different as fire and water, a spokeswoman for the layers of the Russian population: the St. Petersburg intelligentsia and the province.One employee of the museum with the long-familiar way of life and boring everyday life, and the second - a party girl in search of new experiences.Will the fate of the two women meet in the compartment.How will the relations of different people?In the comedy "Kokoko" You will definitely be something to laugh!


recently released on the big screen film director Kirill Serebrennikov participated in the 69th Venice Film Festival.This movie, which is closely intertwined love, hate, cold, the passion and death ....It all starts with one uncomplicated dialogue of the three phrases.Everything that happens to the characters after that can be called "evil fate."

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