5 best places to vacation in October

That's why in order to avoid the impending autumn depression so many people choose to leave it this time.And the options, where you can go, today countless!So everything is entirely in the hands of a tourist and solely depends on his desires, needs, interests, and finally finance.

supporters beach holiday

Tourists who failed to properly soak up the sunshine in the summer or even did not have such an opportunity, in October, it's time to go "to the south."At the same time it is not necessary to stop the choice on who managed to be beaten Turkey or Egypt, because geography is much wider in the fall holiday!Aside from not less popular among tourists of Asian countries such as China and Thailand, the success of recently acquired and tours in the Middle East.

An excellent example of such a tour could be vacation in Israel or Jordan.Mid-Autumn Festival in these countries - the rule of the dry season, in which the air is heated to 28-30 degrees, and the water - to 24-26.Certainly, striking impression in

the case of choosing a holiday destination would be, of course, familiar with the Dead Sea.Only lazy people do not remember the school course of geography, how strong is the salt concentration in the reservoir.

culture lovers

lovers to spend holidays in the format of the tour vacation perfect in many European countries: Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Germany, England - the weather in these countries in October comparable to our Indian summer, which means you can safelygo for a storm of new experiences and increasing their cultural level!

France, usually opt for Paris with its atmosphere of love and lightness, Poland and the Czech Republic are famous for its castles and Germany staggering teeming with ancient streets and small arches.The undoubted advantage of these tours that tourist can limit their travel 2-3 days, which will save not only time but also money.

Adherents of exotic

Among the countries that are in demand by hunters exotic palm now hold Africa.But while some tend to see national parks and safaris, koi can be seen, for example, in Kenya, while others prefer to rest combined.Great demand vouchers have a monitor of the Bazaruto archipelago, which is famous for Mozambique and Victoria Falls that roars in Zambia.In addition, travel to any part of Africa - a great opportunity to plunge into the world of unknown animals before and unique plants, and mingle with the locals.

health champion

combine business with pleasure, namely a rest abroad, even while adjusting their health often do not mind the older generation, who just opt ​​for these purposes golden autumn time.However, due to the arisen recently in fashion to health and a healthy lifestyle, this area in recent years and often prefer to young families with children.Izmozhdayuschy heat and aggressive ultraviolet light does not appeal, and thus you have a large enough budget?In this case, you can safely give preference to the resorts of Bulgaria or Montenegro.


last October - the perfect time for those vacationers who can not imagine their lives without constant purchases and spending money on nice gizmos.Since the fall of the most brand shops planet Earth rolled powerful wave of sales.A "poshopitsya" abroad, such as in Europe, where it is at times cheaper than at home, many Russians pleasant triple.Gambling for all shoppingomanov can be and shopping in the local markets, each of which retains the flavor of the country.And in the same general bargain Nepal is vital, as otherwise, you simply deem boor or a fool.

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