Goa - the smallest state of India, the length of the coastline is only 101 km.As a former Portuguese colony, Goa is less than other states resembles the real India.Good or bad - a subjective question.Besides, Goa - a tourist center for foreigners and for the Indians, it is a kind of Sochi, in the "high sizon" come here many families from all over India.

Goa is divided into southern and northern parts.South is considered to be more calm, clean and cultural.There's a wide selection of hotels in the civilized beaches are much wider and more beautiful than in the North.But the evening leisure is much poorer.In this connection, the South attracts more adult audience and tranquil.North poorer, dirtier, but more fun and otvyaznyh.Goa is home to the psy-trance (or Goa Trance), here come the fans of this music from around the world, parties are held throughout the year, ranging from a small party in the small coastal restaurants and ending the world's largest festival held here every year with world stars.

Lodging. First you have to choose between the North and the South.Move between them every day is quite problematic - the road from the north to the extreme point at the south point is about 4 hours by car.If you is a priority for a beach holiday, the beauty and tranquility - Go to the South.When choosing a hotel, pay attention to its location - how far it is from the sea (little hotels in Goa, standing right on the beach), there is a nearby major shops and markets.If you plan to rent motosredstvo, this problem disappears.In addition to the hotels in Goa, you can easily stay in a guest-house, which are literally everywhere.price dispersion is quite wide - from 200 rubles for a hut on the beach up to several thousand for a cozy room with white sheets and towels.

Attractions. tour operator will offer you a standard set of excursions.Some of them can be easily explore on their own, for the rest, you can hire a car with driver - both options will cost much cheaper than taking a package tour from a guide.

Old Goa. Located near the state capital Panaji.You can get there by bus.By the way, the cost of the local bus is not more than 10 rubles to one side.Old Goa - the historic capital of the state, was founded by the Portuguese.Today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.There are many Catholic churches and cathedrals built in the Gothic style of the Portuguese 16th century.Entrance to the temple is free, but do not forget the closed clothes, entrance to the museum for an extra charge - from 50 rubles.

Flea Market. He flea market is held on Wednesdays from morning until sunset on the beach of Anjuna.Here you can buy tea and spices, Indian jewelry and handmade souvenirs, saris, clothes, bags, shoes.Be sure to bargain, the original price may be higher than the actual 10 times.

Falls Dudsagar. Get yourself hard, it is better to take the car to the driver.Located on the border with the neighboring state of Karnataka, the path to the waterfall can take about 4 hours.On the way you can stop by the spice plantations and see how to grow all the herbs in a wildlife there you can buy them.Before reaching the falls, you will have to transfer to the jeeps - and 40 minutes later you get a lift straight to him.Near the waterfall is home to many monkeys, which can feed bananas, but do not leave your belongings unattended: the monkeys are more thieves!

outside the state - much surprising and varied.Based on the time you have available, you can create a travel itinerary.Or, on the contrary, not to build any plans and just enjoy the moment.Goa - this is not the place where you can plan something, throw everything out of your head and feel the true spirit of freedom.

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