Top Christmas Movies

Happy New Year!(France, Italy, 1973)

Top Christmas Movies

criminal comedy Claude Lelouch of the escape from prison bandit named Simon.Together with his accomplice, he decides to rob a jewelry store on New Year's Eve!Surprisingly, the protagonist falls in love head over heels in the antique shop owner nearby ...

Director: Claude Lelouch

Family Man (USA 2000)

Top Christmas Movies

famous film of the "lost" man, played by the legendary Nicolas Cage - one of the most popular films about human choice!The choice between the financial status and family happiness is very complicated for the main character, and it leads him to a strange black Santa, which appears and disappears suddenly at the critical moment ...
Is the hero and spend Christmas alone?

"& gt; Director: Brett Retner

Love Actually (UK, USA, France, 2003)

Top Christmas Movies

In one of the Christmas filmsLove is a feeling surprisingly multi-faceted! Love truly rule the world, because it is so different and at the same time, this is the sam

e: sudden, touching, desperate, inexplicable! In the movie "Love Actually," you can see the history of the Prime Minister, in love with his co-worker,documentary footage of people from Heathrow Airport, the most sentimental and taking for soul points Relations loving people, the bright sadness and real storm of emotions that causes this overwhelming feeling - love!

Director: Richard Curtis

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (USA, 2005)

Top Christmas Movies

you are not familiar with a factory Willy Wonka?Then it's time to plunge into a fairy tale, all the more so in the title role - Johnny Depp!Little Charlie Bucket dream is to get to a closed chocolate factory of Willy Wonka!And the fate gives him the gift - the boy is one of five golden tickets that will allow him and four children to go on an incredible journey through the rooms of the factory!They are waiting for the river of fudge, sugar boat, mint sugar, chocolate room and many other wonders!

Director: Tim Burton

Merry Christmas!(France, Britain, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Norway, 2005)

Top Christmas Movies

Christmas - this is not just a holiday, and a good excuse to forget about the war at least forone day.Events of the film take place in the distant 1941. F rantsuzsky Lieutenant, Scottish priest, a German tenor and his favorite gun thrown into the trenches to meet each other, have a cigarette, chocolate share and say, "Merry Christmas!".

Director: Christian Carion

New Year Tariff (Russia, 2008)

Top Christmas Movies

In the New Year come true allthat any wish!The protagonist Andrew buys a new phone, and established traditions with friends, a chiming clock, randomly dials to congratulate is a complete stranger to the New Year!Life is full of surprises, you never know what you will be a man who only a couple of hours ago you were someone else ...

Director: Eugene Bedarev

Firs (Russia, 2010)

Top Christmas Movies

One of the nicest and funniest Christmas movie Russian , which has the second part - Firs 2.

Russia is so vast, andsometimes the world is so small!And it proves the theory of six handshakes, through which desire a little girl from the orphanage came to pass!Events Russian New Year comedy "Christmas Tree" cover 11 cities of our vast country: Kaliningrad, Perm, Kazan, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Bavly, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

It would seem, as a message of a million children could reach the president himself?This will help the girl: a taxi driver, a pop star, actor, businessman, a snowboarder, a student, retired firefighter, a thief, the headmistress, a policeman and a guest worker.This New Year's miracle!

Director: Timur Bekmambetov

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