The best Christmas comedies list

There is nothing more comfortable than a warm blanket to wrap myself in, pick up a cup of tea and play a good family comedy.For the Christmas holidays, we pick you ten films that will warm you in cold days of January.

~ Christmas comedy: the top 10 ~

1. «Merry Christmas" (1954)

Christmas comedy: a list of the best films

Old American music and dance film, interspersed with sincere joy and optimism.The main characters are two soldiers, Bob Wallace and Phil Davis and female duo sisters Betty and Judy - they all sing well. guys are pooling their talents and decide to speak at Christmas.

2. «Curly Sue" (1991)

Christmas comedy

Old, but very good movie "Curly Sue" with James Belushiand Elisaia Porter.Cute Christmas story about a tramp and a little trust, which are discovering the miracle of Christmas present and sincere human care.

3. «Bad Santa" (2003)

Christmas comedy: a list of the best films

One of the most famous Christmas comedy with Billy Bob Thornton and Tony Coxstarring.The film is obscene vocabulary, a lo

t of black humor and hard, vulgar jokes - and the film is really good.This is a story about the drink too much unbalanced robber, who under the guise of Santa rob department stores on New Year, and his running mate, the charming "Snow Maiden" and large ridiculous schoolboy who believe in Santa and podvigshem protagonist in the miracles.

4. «The Lost Christmas" (2011)

Christmas comedy: a list of the best films

Christmas comedy with Eddie Izzard and Jason Flemyng starring tells the story of a strange manthat can help people.But if the loss can be returned?Maybe he lost something?

5. «Love Actually" (2003)

Christmas comedy: a list of the best films

Another really good Christmas comedy - "Love Actually"with Hugh Grant.The film tells the story of love, which are subject to all and which is distributed everywhere, and background play fun Christmas song.

6. «Grinch - Stole Christmas» (2000 )

Christmas comedy: a list of the best films

Babiessurely enjoy a movie about a villain Grinch with Jim Carrey in the title role.This story tells about the evil creature that is so disliked people that decided to steal their Christmas, and what came of it.

7. «Miracle on 34th Street" (1994)

Christmas comedy: a list of the best films

good old movie with Richard Attenborough and Elizabeth PerkinsActors - nice family Christmas tale that miracles are possible, the main thing - to believe in them.

8. «A Christmas Story" (2007)

Christmas comedy: a list of the best films

Painting with Hannu-Pekka Borkmanom and Otto Gustavsson starring -Good touching French film about a little boy who lost their parents, and about Christmas miracles that occur in a small Finnish village, where lives the protagonist.

9. «Surviving Christmas" (2004)

Christmas comedy: a list of the best films

Another sure to view the family Christmas comedy with Ben Affleck and James Gandolfini inActors.The protagonist - tired of the rich man in the world who wants to spend Christmas in the home of his childhood.For this he pays family, who now live there, so they took him into their circle at Christmas time and became his family.However, the new family of the main character is not quite normal - except that it turns out it's too late.

10. «It's a Wonderful Life" (1946)

Christmas comedy: a list of the best films

closes the top ten Christmas comedies, old, old comedyJames Stewart and Donna Reed.The protagonist confused in life, tired of the troubles and is seriously considering to take their lives.Heaven sent to help him guardian angel, good, but inexperienced, which is necessary to discourage the main character of suicide and thereby earn his wings.Angel decided to show him the world in which the main character does not exist.


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