Snacks on the road: what to take to the path of food

If you have to travel by train, you can count on the food in the dining car, but like any chops and fried chicken wings to your family, and whether such food is safe?And if you plan to travel in the car , a snack in the cafe on the unknown road dare not everyone.After such a holiday dinner may end soon.Based on the above good reasons, the conclusion can be only one - on the road, it is important to eat properly.

The meal on the road?

Fresh fruits and berries

What to take to the road

This is a good option light dinner on the road.The fruit should be of good quality.Very convenient oranges and bananas, they do not require packing.Suitable for snack grapes, apricots, blueberries.They can be put in containers of food grade plastic.It is not recommended to take with soft fruit (peaches), as well as those that are difficult to clean (kiwi).


What to take to the road

Going on a trip in the summer, we always take with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions.They need to thoroughly wash and a little cool.Ve

getables can become a light dinner or serve as a complement to a more satisfying products.Salad should not be done, he quickly deteriorate.

Canned tuna

What to take to the road

Fish is delicious and satisfying, well preserved in a jar.In a car it can be eaten straight from the jar or make sandwiches.It goes well with vegetables.


What to take to dorogum

If women can do on the road and without meat, then the stronger sex without him hard.Therefore, we can take any jerky, it is desirable that it was not too salty.It contains a lot of calories and did not spoil.You can also bake a piece of meat with spices in foil, but it will have to eat during the first de snack.


What to take to the road

Hard cheeses survive the journey, and comfortable to make sandwiches for a snack or a cut.But curd cheese in not suitable way too perishable.


What to take to the road

The best way to take the bread without yeast.More suited pita bread from sprouted wheat.If you decide to take the road sandwiches, it is better to cook at home.In a way, in a train car, and a lot of dust and various bacteria, and products will be less contact with them, the better.

Nuts and dried fruits

What to take to the road

Very comfortable and pleasant meal outside with a mixture of nuts and dried fruits.Prepare it better itself, to avoid artificial additives.Do not take the road of the purchase roasted peanuts with flavors.Fry the clean peanuts and mix with candied fruit.We should be candied dusky shade, avoid bright colors.This mixture will quickly create a feeling of satiety, and the road will seem shorter.Add to them a bar of chocolate or a little caramel, this is especially delight children .

Fruit Pies

What to take to the road

very comfortable on the road with fruit pies, they are nutritious, they have nice.Bake them yourself, and feel free to take it with you.Safer but not least, a pleasant option - galetnoe cookies.It is also better to bake at home.

boiled eggs

What to take to the road

Eggs very convenient to take the road .They can be pre-cleaned and put in a food container.Calories in them a little, only 80 kcal.They combine well with vegetables: tomatoes and cucumbers.


What to take to the road

most suitable drink on the road - still water.Not recommended for sodas, they are harmful and cause thirst.Sweet juices, too, in the way it is better not to take.Instead of fruit juice is better to take vegetables.

If your trip is not very far, try many products the road not take .Tightly eat before you go, then you will be able to manage a small number of products.

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