Traveling alone

Sooner or later, but there is such a situation: you have a vacation or a planned journey, and go not with anyone.There are three possible solutions: to stay at home to look for travel on the Internet or go to one.And the rights of those who choose the third option.Time alone with him in a completely new environment away from all the problems and tribulations will allow you to learn a lot about themselves, to solve old problems and truly escape from the daily routine.So, what are the pros traveling alone?

independent decision-making. Spending vacation company with a friend or loved one, inevitable questions arise: where to dine, where to go, what time to get up to go to the beach, which club to go and how to spend money wisely.Imagine that all of these problems at once was gone!You get up in how many you want, you plan your own day and totally entire route, choose a place of interest to you.No one will blame you for unplanned purchases, late rise or deviation from the plan for the trip.This is an

opportunity to feel the absolute freedom from everything.In a short time you will learn how to develop the route, plan your budget, as well as to listen to their wishes.

ability to find a way out of any situation. You just have to solve all the problems on their own.Many names it scares in solitary travel, but believe me, it's not so scary.All travelers are faced with the same questions: where to stay, where to buy a SIM card, find an Internet, mail, ATM, where to wash clothes and the like.Do not be afraid to ask your questions with the locals or strangers the same as you.People are much friendlier than it seems.How else can you make a lot of new friends and acquaintances?

Do not be afraid of loneliness. Truly, we are never alone, around us there are always other people do not think that they are something radically different from us.Do not be afraid to ask questions and make requests - the world is full of people open.Also abroad start dating much easier - foreigners more positive and friendly.Communicate more with the locals - from which you can get lots of information about the country you are studying.And with travelers such as you are, there is always a bunch of topics for discussion.Who knows, maybe you will find among them a companion, a true friend or even love.

develop self-confidence. Having made independent travel alone, you will realize that you have no limits to, and a problem that can not be solved, too.It increases self-esteem, because you are left alone with their problems and solve them!Travel - it's always a great motivation for new challenges: to you it would not be possible, strength and energy enough for a very long time.You will get a great experience to be only yours.You will learn how to dream and pursue their dreams.Believe me, you will be proud of his long solitary journey.

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