Traveling with a child in the car

Meals on the road

Make sure to take the road with delicious and healthy snacks for all travelers not to make a stop every time someone wants to chew on.It should be products that do not deteriorate immediately and if possible not heavily polluted vehicle. Take to the road vegetables, fruit, tselonozernovye bread, crackers, dried, slices of cheese, nuts, dried fruit.Do not forget about the drinks, best of all, if it's just a pure water.It is better to have a small child was an individual bottle, from which the liquid can not be shed.Another idea - to take a frozen fruit juice in metal cans.What could be better than a refreshing drink in hot weather?To fully

lunch, convenient to stop at roadside cafes.Choose the ones about which costs a lot of big trucks, for truck drivers - are experienced and are unlikely to give preference to poor establishment.If you go far in the warmer months, you can have a picnic in some picturesque place on the bank of the river.Take everything you need with you in a baske

t, including cutlery and drinks.It will entertain all travelers, and further the road will be transported much more easily.


to rest with a child not turned into a boring routine, it is necessary to take care of entertainment in the car.Even teens can get bored during the long way that we talk about kids.They have a lot of time in the same position, strapped in a chair that is not peculiar little restless.If you will be a short trip, try to calculate the time, so that the main part of the baby slept, then the road will be held for him by.

At another time, when the child is awake, and he was tired of looking out the window, you will need to be entertained.Play simple games, such as a city or inventing words of one letter, together puzzle over riddles.Take the road with a few new books, and read them together with the baby.There will be an extra and interesting new toy, or a long-forgotten old one, which you have not played.Also, you will be a tablet for drawing, puzzles, age-appropriate puzzles.

If the car has a TV, set cartoon children, but do not overdo it.If the trip is long, use the occasion to introduce the child to the changing landscape outside the window, together consider forest and mountains, the cars, take photos.You can also bring your favorite CDs with songs and audio fairy, for them is particularly interesting to look at the passing scenery.

it is best to make a list of things to do in the car, and to prepare the necessary equipment.

important stuff

possible, to cover every minor incident to quickly deal with them and eliminate the consequences.So, kids are often sick in the car, so you should bring a more compact package and wipes.Put a closer change of clothes for the children.Well, if the windows in the car closed with special shutters, this is particularly important in hot weather.In the car have to be a first aid kit, which is to put everything you need, including drug allergies, and means for rapid processing scratches.

to journey gave pleasure to all members of the family, you must make an effort and do not forget about the little things.Think about everything in advance, please be refreshments and entertainment, and not be afraid of difficulties, because the wonderfully spent with family is time to overcome them.

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