11 tips women traveling alone

1. Study, study and study again!

Wherever you go, make sure that you have studied in advance, or at least attempted to explore the local traditions, culture, religion, language, because you definitely do not want to offend anybody from the local to their basic ignorance,or even get in trouble for this reason!It is necessary to pre-view the page on the network dedicated to travelers who encounter any problems abroad, where they go for help, etc.

2. Carry enough cash

Do not think that your credit cards are accepted everywhere, you're not at home!Cash can sometimes render you invaluable help.C on the other hand, to carry too much cash, too unsafe.It is better to always carry a couple of hundred dollars (they are found in every country), but if you want to buy something expensive - you can use a credit card.

3. Leave your plastic cards at home

Carry always one or two.Credit cards and bank cards - this is a treasure trove for thieves because contact your bank and suspend them
from abroad will be very difficult.All other foreign currency cards, whether gift certificates, loyalty cards and membership cards always leave the house.

4. Make copies

Keep a photo copy of your passport, driver's license and credit cards.Originals should always keep to yourself, but in the case of loss of any document, you will always be able to provide a copy.You can leave a few copies of your documents to your loved ones that you trust, if on arrival home, you have no documents at all.

traveling alone?Here are tips on how to stay healthy, happy and to remain vigilant abroad.

5. Collect suitcase reasonable

To start Collect your favorite outfits, and then consult with the traditions of the country in which you are going, whether it is permissible to wear and the like will not occur if you have a problem with it?So you can equip properly.Some peoples rather strange notion of what a woman should be dressed.Thus, you can avoid unpleasant situations.

6. Stay connected

Regardless of whether you go round the world trip or a trip to the country, stay tuned.Let someone from home will know when you are going on a journey, and when you can expect home.Well, if you have decided to change their plans at the last minute, tell them about it.

7. Leave the "footprints"

Leave a copy of your itinerary to anyone from family members or close friends.Thus, if you something happens, they will know where to find you.This is especially important if you are going to a place with bad weather conditions or a difficult political situation.

8. Get travel insurance

We hope that you do not happen to anything wrong during your vacation, but you must be ready for anything.If, for any reason, you have to visit the doctor, make sure you have insurance, otherwise you can show your overcharged or did not have adequate medical care.

9. Do not wear bright jewelry

When you put on ornaments, you attract the attention of dishonest people: thieves, swindlers, etc.You might as well can wear T-shirts "Rob me, I'm rich!".

10. Dress simply

If you wear expensive things, you will attract unwanted attention: you can set for shadowing, which will end the robbery.Remember you are on vacation in an unfamiliar place you and your goal - to be always on the alert!Do not accept drinks from strangers This statement seems so familiar and so natural, but, at times, on vacation, we become careless and lose vigilance.

11. Eschew unlicensed taxi

sit down in an unfamiliar machine is incredibly dangerous!You do not want your family received notice that you're missing while on vacation.So, do yourself a favor, use public transport and a taxi license.

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