City of Tangier is divided into 4 main areas:

  • old town - Medina
  • New Town
  • provincial part of the city - the area Malabata
  • fashionable district of Montana, and the Cape Spartel - favored area tourists


Tangier was founded by the Phoenicians in the second millennium BCAccording to Greek mythology, the son of Poseidon is made and Gaia - Antaeus.When she was strangled Antaeus Hercules, the city was named after his widow - Tingey .With the I century BC.e.the city was under the rule of Rome.In the V century vandals seized Tangier, and VI - the Byzantines.In the VIII century, it was owned by Arabs.Next Tangier migrate into the power of the Portuguese and then the British, and only in 1684 became one of the capitals of Morocco.Today, Tangier - a cosmopolitan city, where in addition to the indigenous people living Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians, Germans, French, Americans, and even has a small Russian diaspora.

Most of the locals dressed in a djellaba - traditional long robes

with large hoods.Men often white women - colored embroidered patterns.Do not be surprised to hear the Spanish language, as the Spanish port of Tangier from Tarifa it takes only 40 minutes by ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar.

In Tangier you can find women in unusual garb - robes and wide-brimmed hats, their faces tattooed with drawings of "harkuzĀ» (Harquus).It is representative of the Berber population, renowned for their militancy and matriarchy.Each figure on the face of the woman has a magical significance and corresponds to a particular event in her life: marriage, pregnancy, death of a close and others.

life in contrast

Tangier draws its narrow corridors of streets, whiteand blue houses of the Old Town, located so close to each other that to go from one building to another, you need to make a move.Here beautiful scenery and favorable climate.No wonder Tangier is one of the best resorts in the region.This so-called "zone of merger of the two waters": the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

With all this splendor for tourists, there is one significant drawback: in the old town reigns unsanitary conditions.Terrible smell of sewage, garbage on every corner and half-naked children begging in all languages, running for tourists hundreds of meters.In this regard, in Tangier, nothing has changed since ancient times, but the nature has taken care of it as if anticipating such a scenario because Tangier - the city of eucalyptus, it was his sprigs give each tourist at the entrance to score smells the scent of the plant.

In Tangier, you will always ride a camel and bring to Grand Zokko - Grand Bazaar in the heart of the Medina, where local barkers will pull you by the hand and urge to buy the best sweets, copper utensils, tom-toms and other attributeslife in Morocco.Meanwhile, in the new part of town, just across the road, hotel construction is booming, there are office buildings, supermarkets and boutiques with names of contemporary apparel brands.


Palace Dar el Makhzen - the former residence of the Moroccan King, built in the XVII century for Sultan Ismail Mules. Majestic d vorets frescoes, carved and sculpted stucco, surrounded by marble fountains.Visitors to this site on the highest point of Tangier can enjoy wonderful views of Gibraltar and the coast of Spain.

Caves of Hercules known fact that legend of Hercules resting in front of them, quite a feat.During tidal caves filled with water, and at low tide an entrance in the shape of an inverted map of Africa.

Also in Tangier can visit the museums and the Grand Mosque.

Holidays in Tangier

To travel to Morocco, the Russians do not need a visa, you need to present a passport valid for at least 6 months.Once in Tangiers, observe safety: Do not agree to offers taxis, sightseeing tours and currency exchange.

The city m tion of cafes and restaurants in the central square of the city - Socco.There are comfortable hotels, but the number of stars does not correspond to European quality standards, which must also be taken into account.Nevertheless, here at least cost to go to at least once to feel like a hero of east fairy tale ...

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