The cheapest countries for traveling


The cheapest countries for traveling

Thailand - a favorite vacation spot Russian tourists.For quite modest money you can enjoy the beautiful nature and exotic.At any point in Thailand, you can easily meet your budget of 15-25 dollars per day, which is why this place has long been listed in all lists the cheapest countries for vacation .Also in Thailand is not tipping, but it can be a good bargain on the market or in a tourist shop.

average price for the tour is 10 days - 30 thousand. Rub.Discounted tickets can be purchased even for 20 thousand. Rub.for two.

Thailand - very convenient for traveling the country.It is very well developed transport and many options for low-cost housing.In addition, Thailand offers not only a stunning beach holiday, it is rich in attractions: the ruins, temples and deserted cities are waiting for you.The most interesting places: the Temple of the Golden Buddha, the Crocodile Farm, shadow theater, the floating market.As a souvenir you can bring from Thailand: Thai dolls, lacquer boxe

s, silk, and of course, a natural coconut oil.


The cheapest countries for traveling

traveling around colorful India, on average, you will spend 20-35 dollars a day at a moderate cost of course.Visit the various palaces of the Maharajah and stop at five-star hotels will significantly increase your costs.

The average cost of a week tour to India with accommodation in a four star hotel and breakfast - 30 thousand. Rub.In summer, you can buy much cheaper turputevku.

India - the real country of contrasts.Here, poor neighborhoods are combined with luxurious palaces and skyscrapers.There is intertwined history and the present.India - one of the few countries that has not lost its colorfulness.The first thing that strikes in India - nature.Sea and mountains, deserts and jungles, cold and heat.It seems everything is here.And how beautiful cultural monuments!Chief among them - the Taj Mahal.Also worth seeing: the city palace complex, Palace of the Winds, Gate of India, Tibet House, Lotus Temple, and deserve special attention the International Museum of the toilet, some of the exhibits which date back to the 2500's.BC.And fans of the colorful beach holiday will surely be fascinated Goa .


The cheapest countries for traveling

in terms of price and quality of Poland is a very attractive country for tourists.Correctly calculating your expenses, you will be able to spend only about $ 30 a day.By Western European standards it is quite profitable.

The average cost of a week tour - 40 thousand. Rub.

the vastness of Poland you will find great nature and a lot of interesting urban spaces.Are required to visit Krakow, Warsaw, Tatras, Wroclaw, Gdansk.In addition, Poland is famous for its health resort or health resort.The most famous of them: Rabka, Krynica, Wieliczka, Polczyn Zdroj, Busko-Zdroj, Duszniki Zdroj, Kudowa Zdroj, Ustron, Szczawnica.


The cheapest countries for traveling

financial difficulties of the country made it more than ever available in monetary terms.If earlier the optimal amount for a holiday in Cyprus, was $ 70 a day, but now this figure has decreased almost by half - about $ 40 a day.

The average cost of a week tour - 20 thousand. Rub.

Cyprus - colorful Mediterranean country.You can not just lie on the beach and swim in the sea even in autumn , but also a breath of fresh air, relax in the shade of pine forests and climb mountains.In general, the proposed vacation for every taste.


The cheapest countries for traveling

Travel Morocco with sufficient comfort will make you pay about 40 dollars a day.But given the beauty of this country, believe me, it's worth it.

The average cost of a week tour in the hotel 4 stars - 30 ths. Rub.

Holidays in Morocco - a real oriental tale, with its palaces, gardens, deserts and mysterious lakes.Here you can see immediately the Sahara desert, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.The colorful old city you will remember for a long time variegated colors and the smell of spices.This Marrakech, Rabat, Meknes and Fec.It is also very interesting to visit Tangier is considered .


The cheapest countries for traveling

Holidays in Egypt is considered to be quite low.The main item of expenditure is - is to visit the various attractions.For example, the entrance to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo costs 15 dollars, and the entrance to the burial of Nefertiti - $ 25.Remember that Egypt may be advantageous to bargain for themselves: this is considered the local norm.

The average cost of a week tour - 10 thousand. Rub.

Egypt has a history of 6000 years, so its territory, numerous unique monuments of ancient culture.The most famous, the business card of Egypt - of course, pyramids.
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