Hand luggage: that you can take on the plane?

For a start, it is necessary to define what is included in the concept of carry-on luggage. things considered carry-on baggage and items that a passenger can take into the cabin.

Hand luggage: that you can not take a plane almost all airlines have uniform rules on hand luggage.The weight must not exceed 5 kg.However, if you bought a ticket in business class and fly you to more than 4 hours, the rules allow you to take hand luggage up to 10 kg.With regard to size, they must not exceed the following - 55 cm long, 40 cm wide, 20 cm in height.

Usually the list of permitted hand luggage items specified on the ticket itself.It may be, for example, a coat, umbrella or walking stick, blanket, handbag, baby carriage, a chair or a device for people with disabilities, as well as baby food, a camera.


Hand luggage: that you can not take a plane allowed to carry on board liquid, the volume of which does not exceed 100 ml.If there are multiple containers, you will need to pack them in a transparent container, such as a beautician or a plastic bag with a zipper.The total volume

of liquid should not exceed 1 liter.

permitted to take on board liquids purchased in duty free shops at the airport ( Duty Free ).Make sure that the seller packed your purchase in a special two-liter package.This condition is necessary.In addition, you must have and the proof of purchase - it can check on the front control, especially if you are transferring to another airport.

It allowed for hand luggage liquids include:

  • water and other beverages (juices, syrups, soda);
  • soups and baby food;
  • deodorants (not aerosol), hair gels, body and soul;
  • toothpaste;
  • eau de toilette and perfume;
  • other substances liquid consistency, packed in hermetically sealed packaging.

Please note that from 2014 hand baggage rules were changed - read here .


Medications in carry-on luggage are allowed to take, even zapakovyvaya them in a plastic bag.Please note that you may be asked to prove the necessity of certain drugs during the flight.But remember about the list of banned drugs for carriage .


in hand luggage you can take with your mobile phone, player, laptop or tablet, as well as some volume devices (for example, hair dryers, iron is or styler), etc.However, some of them, such as a mobile phone, to use on board prohibited because they can disrupt the instrument plane.

In general, it is worth noting that on the plane should take only the most necessary items.

Hand luggage: that you can not take a plane

Necessary things

  1. documents.In no case do not put your documents in your luggage, because it can be lost or degraded.
  2. valuables, such as jewelry, expensive equipment, and more.
  3. Medicines, without which you can not do during the flight.
  4. things that you need during the flight (warm jacket, blanket, pillow, etc.).

to control at the front with hand luggage will not have problems, bring only those things that are allowed for carriage on board the aircraft.Travel with pleasure!

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