Burning eyes - Causes and Treatment

Causes burning sensation in the eyes

Immediately it should be noted that this symptom can not be called normal.In addition, he brings a lot of inconvenience, as the burning is sometimes quite strong, and there is very often.And to deal with this problem, you first need to find out the reasons.

So, we list the reasons for burning eyes:

1. Eye infections.Moreover, they can be completely arbitrary nature: bacterial, fungal and viral.For example, burning eyes refers to the symptoms of conjunctivitis .In addition, there is often a manifestation of this, and after getting the flu or SARS.

2. Eye injuries can also trigger burning and ocular hypertension .For example, a small speck of dust ingress (particularly if it has a sharp Karian) cause discomfort.

3. Burns.They can be both thermal (exposure to hot water or steam) or chemical (eg, after being hit in the eye-use detergent or something else).

4. eyestrain and fatigue.Among the symptoms of fatigue such as discomfort, re

dness and burning.

5. Allergies.The manifestations of the disease may be very different, including they relate to the eye.For example, there may be an increased slёzotechenie and burning.

6. Endocrine disorders.Surprisingly, but they can also cause burning eyes .Sometimes thyroid problems are accompanied by swelling of eyeballs, burning and redness of the eyes.

7. Dry eye syndrome, or, in other words, insufficient fluid generated slёznymi glands.As a result of insufficient moisture conjunctiva occurs discomfort and feeling of sand in the eyes .

8. incorrectly matched lenses or non-compliance when wearing.

9.Serёznye eye diseases such as cataracts or glaucoma.

Treat - not treated

Immediately it should be noted that the self - this is not the best friend of a healthy person.Yes, this is a symptom of how burning eyes, may seem frivolous and not dangerous.But, as you can understand, it may indicate the development of serious diseases.So the first thing you should do - is to visit an ophthalmologist.He will examine your eyes for ingress of foreign bodies, and trauma, as well as conduct other research and prescribe the necessary treatment.But there are some measures that can help lift a burning sensation in a particular case.

  • dry eye syndrome is necessary to humidify the eyeballs using artificial tears.It is also important to use a sufficient amount of fluid (at least 2 liters per day).
  • In case of infection, of course, it should be treated.

  • eyes just need to give a rest.Therefore, during the working day should be at least 2-3 times a blind eye for 10-15 minutes.This will help to eliminate discomfort.

  • M You can the use Call compresses of chamomile decoction , as it will help reduce inflammation.


So, to avoid any burning eyes , need to observe good personal hygiene (not to put in the eyes of bacteria), monitor their health and everySix months to visit an ophthalmologist.

We can only add that the burning of the eyes - it is not as harmless as it seems.So in the event of this symptom is better to go to the doctor and not to resort to folk remedies.

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