Street Winter Games for kids

Winter - is an amazing time.Even in the most severe frosts can organize games for the aunt on the street - the main dress warmly and put on your skin protectants.

Kids love active and outdoor games, and winter - not a reason to give them up.Because we all know that when the children in the school canceled classes due to frost, the children immediately ran to walk.

Winter outdoor games for children

Winter Games for children on the street

Even so unassumingly winter fun like playing in the snow can be made more exciting, if at the end of small winners will be glad sweet prizes.Do not forget about the consolation prize for the less fortunate teams, with an emphasis on the fact that the next time the victory could be on the other side.

But Winter Games for children - it is not just snowballs and skating with slides. Building a snow fort or igloo entice kids and allow to occur for future games.A need for this, or specific sets of plastic molds, sold children's toy department, or just snow balls of different sizes.You can also use piece

s of snow crust, if any.

After building an ice castle can get her storming - it will entertain both children and their parents.A large number of "building material" will promote rapid and timely dostraivaniya destroyed parts.

If this is not the battle fortress and castle for the little princess - it can decorate.A blind child with snowmen and install them at the entrance - this winter guard will look spectacular, especially if you decorate the figure.Old scarves and hats easily priodenut our guards, and the use of water with food coloring or other paints will make snowmen brighter.

beautiful winter decoration - an ice lantern , like in the story of Moomin Troll.A number of snow lumps just fit into the shape of a cone, and the inside of the turret is placed a candle.Admire this will magically glow in the evening or at night, but if you sprinkle a little water on the snow with colors - in the daytime snow figures to be pleasing to the eye.

Winter Games for children on the street road to the castle, you can lay out the color of the ice balls .You will need several balloons, funnel and painted in different colors voda.Zalivaem water into balls, tightly tying and leave the street before freezing.Once the water freezes into ice - remove the shell of the ball, and lay out in the correct sequence.As with colored water and molds can be made colored ice decorations for street trees.The molds pour colored water and put a rope or ribbon, for which then will be to hang decorations.And if you make a longer string - you get a beautiful winter pendant for girls.The truth is you can wear it only on the street.And if you pour water into a bottle of shampoo - it will be possible to draw on the snow colored pictures, or make multi-colored painted ice fortress.

But Winter Games for children can not only entertain, but also to develop.Make a child bird feeder , and hang it in the yard. Tell your child about the birds , new knowledge about the feathered friends can help your child better understand the natural environment.To fix, you can draw on the snow of different birds and the traces of their feet.

snow can organize darts. Just a wall or other flat surface with crayons to draw a target and "shoot" it snowballs.

Games for children on the street can also include drawing snow , when the surface of a tree trunk or around snow vyleplivaetsya figure.So you can "draw" the trees face or other parts of the exterior.

If you go on a picnic with your child, it is possible to combine several games at once.Just do not forget to bring a thermos of hot drinks, snacks and extra warm gloves or mittens for the child.Outdoor games such as drawing a "snow angel" in the snow, search for hidden treasure advance, and sledding will not freeze.You can tell your child about what animals winter walk in the tracks, and try this method of travel.

very exciting will be the focus: in a strong frost is possible blow bubbles outside , and look like a thin iridescent film very quickly covered with frost.Well, if the street snow, the snowflakes viewing through a magnifying glass will show your child that the same patterns are snowflakes, and each is a little different from each other.

Games torch relay for the group of children

Below are examples of several possible competitions.

  1. flying on a broomstick. necessary to whisk sandwiched between his legs to run the "snake" between the obstacles without knocking and without hitting them.Back to return just run.
  2. Sankey cars. One participant lies on a sled in the stomach, while the other takes his legs and roll forward.Back back reversed.
  3. Pulling sleds .On the snow is drawn circle.Two sledge tie a rope and tied it so that the rope passes through the center of the circle, and from him to the sledge was the same distance.Hands participants hold on to the sled, and the legs are repelled from the snow.The goal - to pull the opponent over the center of the circle.

Whatever games with the kids on the street you choose, every half hour the children have to go to a warm place to avoid skin frostbite .And the clothes should be not only warm, but also waterproof!

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