We are planning a long-awaited pregnancy: ovulation calendar

What is the ovulation calendar Ovulation

as we know - this is release of an egg from the follicle.When the mature egg leaves the follicle and begins its movement in the fallopian tube to the uterus, occurs most favorable time for conception.Unfortunately, we do not feel the release of the egg, just feel some symptoms - changes the character and color of vaginal discharge, pain can be felt in the abdomen, on the side where came the egg, increasing sexual desire, there are jumps in basal body temperature.However, these symptoms can be expressed very poorly, and we have them can simply not notice.How to anticipate and prepare for ovulation to conceive?

the day of ovulation and the day before his highest probability of conception, 2 days before ovulation - a bit lower on the day after ovulation the probability of conception is already zero, because the life of the egg is only 12-24 hours.Knowing the date of ovulation, it is possible to plan the conception of the child.

Keeping ovulation calendar

Usually, ovulation occurs between the 12th and 16th days of the menstrual cycle.Every woman's ovulation schedule of individual.To calculate the expected date of ovulation, you need to conduct ovulation calendar.

be drawn up ovulation calendar simple.In order to be able to calculate the date of ovulation with sufficient accuracy, you need to maintain a calendar for 4-6 months, recording it all symptoms and changes in cycle, marking the start and end date of menstruation, changes in behavior and mood, changes in libido,as well as reflect the symptoms of ovulation, as a change in the nature of cervical fluid, swelling and increased sensitivity of the mammary glands, abdominal pain, changes in body weight.In ovulation calendar as it is necessary to mark the sexual acts.

periods ovulation calendar

To ovulation calendar could use it, you need to have a certain statistical basis, that is, to observe their condition at least 4 months.The longer you run calendar, the more accurate its data, the more accurate you will be able to predict ovulation with it.Then ovulation calendar can accurately predict to you when you need to work on conceiving a child, and when the probability of conception is close to zero.

The menstrual cycle is divided into 3 phases.The first phase, called phase relative sterility, starting from the 1st day of the cycle and lasts almost until ovulation.In this phase of pregnancy is unlikely, but the closer ovulation, the higher the chance of pregnancy.Then comes the phase of fertility - it starts the day before ovulation and lasts 48 hours.At this point, the probability of conception is the highest.

Then comes the phase of complete sterility - the egg without being fertilized, died before the next ovulation and conception of a child is impossible.

depending on subjective factors - stress, fatigue or overstrain, jet lag, changes in body weight can be shifted ovulation 1-2 days.

addition to the symptoms of ovulation, ovulation will help to know the date statistical method - the number of days in the longest cycle during calendaring subtract 11, then the number of days in the shortest cycle, subtract 18. So you know the last and the first fertile days of their cycle,there are those days when conception is most likely.Let us add here the control of symptoms and basal body temperature and you easily can plan will calculate ovulation and conception.

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