Calculate ovulation online: the degree of accuracy of calculation

Ovulation - this is the phase of the menstrual cycle, during which the chances of becoming pregnant increases.But how to find out the exact date of this event is important for women?To help in the calculation of ovulation may online .Below - more about him.

What happens during ovulation?

Before make payment online ovulation , is to understand the essence of this phenomenon, and to determine whether, in general, to know the exact date of the event.Thus, ovulation - this time of maturity of the egg.At a certain period in a woman's body begins to produce an increased amount of luteinizing hormone, which is under the influence of the ovarian follicle ripens and bursts.And from this comes out of the follicle, ready to fertilize the egg.At this point, the conception is most likely.

Regarding the exact date of ovulation, the scientists still can not determine it.In addition, each woman is unique, and its body is unique.It is believed that the majority of the fair sex ovulate falls approxi

mately 11-17 days of the menstrual cycle and is due 16-19 days prior to the beginning of the next.But all this is very inaccurate.The fact that the maturation of the egg may be late, early or not come at all.This greatly complicates the calculation of ovulation online and other methods of computing that date.

What is the essence of the method of calculation?

So, how is the calculation of ovulation online ?This service is also called calculator, and this is no accident.The fact that the calculation is based on the fact that, knowing the length of the menstrual cycle, as well as the start date of your last period, it is possible to make assumptions about when the mature egg.So finding a resource that provides such a service, as the calculation of ovulation, you'll have to remember what day you last menstrual period began.You also need to know and cycle time.These numbers need to be entered in the appropriate window, then calculations will be made.In fact, you can make such calculations on a calculator, because only need to add to the first day of the month some number (usually 14 or 15), or reprimand from the first day of the next period of 16-17 days.

Calculate ovulation online: whether it will be accurate?

It should be noted at once that no one way of determining the date of ovulation does not absolutely accurate and reliable results.This is due to the fact that a woman's body - it's incredibly complex mechanism.Any processes and changes occurring in it can make adjustments to the normal operation of any system.So, for example, if a woman is ill or consume any drugs that can disrupt hormones and the egg matures.Furthermore, it may be any disease.The only more or less effective way - is ultrasound.

calculation online ovulation can not be considered accurate, as reliable results will be obtained only in a few cases:

  • cycle of women has continued opredeennuyu duration (eg, always 28 days);
  • ovulation always occurs at the same time;
  • on oocyte maturation is not affected by any factors.

And all these conditions are often simply impossible, because the number of days in the cycle can vary for 2-3 days, ovulation can occur earlier or later, but there is plenty of factors influence.

can only add that it is not necessary to hope for ovulation calculator as accurate results are unlikely to be obtained.It is better to choose another method of calculation.

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