Bracelets gum: a master class in weaving at home

Unusual bracelets gum in an instant became popular all over the world, thus making them is not too difficult.

Typically, stores sell special slingshot and machines for making bracelets out of rubber bands, but if you show a little ingenuity, you do not need any special tools or weaving or other special tools, so you can at minimal cost to weave a bracelet with their hands at home.

You will need:

  • little rezinochki several colors (these are usually sold in shops or hairdressers just shops with accessories for hair);
  • eraser;
  • thumbtacks with high head (2 pcs);
  • tweezers or tongs.

Master class: how to weave bracelets gum

1. rezinochek Choose colors that will be used in weaving.The more color - the brighter the bracelet, but also the more difficult to comply with a uniform pattern.

How to weave bracelet gum workshop Step 1

2. Take paper clips and insert them into something, such as an eraser or can take any dostochku or foam.

How to weave bracelet gum workshop Step 2

3. Put buttons rezinochku eight first one, as shown above.Then, on top put on anoth

er 2 rezinochki, but do not twist them.Eight to be only the first rubber bracelet.

How to weave bracelet gum workshop step 3

4. Pull the lower gum to remove it first from one end and then the other, as if girded two upper gum.It is more convenient to do it with tweezers or forceps, you can still use plastic crochet hook small.

How to weave bracelet gum workshop step 4

How to weave bracelet gum workshop step 4

Once you have removed the first rubber band, put on top of another.Now again take over the edge of the lower rezinochku and shoot.And so it went until, until the bracelet will not gum the desired length.Usually, children's bracelet on a hand grabs 50 rezinochek.

How to weave bracelet gum workshop step 4

5. When the bracelet is woven, it is necessary to attach the ends of the zipper.The best option - a zip-eight with slits on both sides, are sold in stores sewing accessories.

How to weave bracelet gum workshop Step 5

Interestingly, when different colors it seems that a different pattern woven bracelet.This bracelet, a master class that you just saw has a pattern fishtail.It is believed that this is one of the most simple, but quite spectacular options.

Good luck with your creative endeavors!

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