Ovulation Test Clearblue: the exact result

Ovulation - this is the moment of oocyte maturation.During this period, most likely conceived, so that date just need to know those who dream about the kid.To find out it will «Clearblue» - ovulation test a new generation.

How does the test?

how does such a device?«Clearblue» - Ovulation Test digital type.It is a compact digital device, sold complete with a test strip.When placing these strips in the machine and while immersing the absorbent part of the test in the urine of women going on to read the information.

But what exactly is going on?The fact that ovulation begins under the influence of luteinizing hormone, follicle whereby bursts, and the egg is released from it and moves into the uterus.And this is the hormone contained in urine.Of course, if there is a sharp increase in the amount of LH (and exactly what happens on the day "X"), then it can be "catch» .And «Clearblue» - ovulation test, based on this principle.

How to use the test?

To get started is to list some genera

l rules for all tests.

1. To start you need to do tests in about 18-19 days until the next month or 10-14 days of the menstrual cycle.These dates are approximate, so it is better to err and to begin to carry out the procedure in advance.

2. The morning urine for the test is appropriate, as it would in any case have an increased amount of LH.It is better to carry out the procedure with about 10-11 am and 20:00 pm.

3. «Clearblue» - ovulation test, which it is desirable to do every day at a certain time (preferably in the morning and evening to make sure we do not miss a moment).

4. Approximately 2-4 hours before the procedure is better to refrain from urinating and drinking any liquids.

Now specifically about the test «Clearblue».We offer instruction.

1. Open the package of test strips.

2. Focusing on its guidance, position the strip in the holder.If you do it correctly, the screen should appear "ready for testing."

3. Now the absorbent element of the test strip is located under a stream of urine, waiting 7-10 seconds, 15 seconds or place it in a container of urine.

4. Place the dough on a flat surface and place it under the absorbent element.If the test is working properly, and you've done everything right, then the display will start flashing.But to get the strip is not necessary.Close the cap, removing the existing excess urine.

5. For the next 2-3 minutes on the display should appear the test results.If ovulation is expected (in the next two days), the smiley face will appear.If the egg is not going to mature, it will display an empty circle.In this case, continue to do tests on.

features, price, and reviews

So, «Clearblue» - ovulation test, which gives the result is highly accurate (namely 99%).This means that such a procedure can replace a full analysis in the laboratory.And thus do not need to go anywhere.

As for the price, it is quite high.For example, a set of the most digital devices, evaluate the results, and 7 test strips cost about 1,000 rubles.Buy test can be in almost any drugstore.

reviews about the test for the most part positive.Women love the ease of use and even the design (especially the cute smiley face).But the most important thing - these are the results, and they almost all are accurate.

Let the test «Clearblue» smile at you, that within you was born a new life!

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