Ties Pregnancy: the use and precautions

about 4 months of pregnancy, the baby in the mother's stomach early inaet actively growing.Rapidly growing belly can deliver a lot of inconvenience.The weight of the fetus significantly increases the load on the spine, and the expectant mother often have pain.That's what has been coined a bandage during pregnancy.

bandage during pregnancy

function band - to support the pregnant belly, reduce the load on the spine, abdominal muscles and prevent the formation of stretch marks .Correctly put on a bandage should bow belly bottom and redistribute the load.Obstetricians have no consensus on the benefits and dangers of wearing the bandage during pregnancy.But numerous mothers experience allows us to recommend a bandage to those who:

  • leads an active lifestyle, work, a lot of moves;
  • suffers frequent back pain, having problems with the spine, low back pain;
  • is on the later date;
  • has a large fruit or multiple pregnancy;
  • has weak abdominal muscles and is already the second child.

In some pathologies, such as p

remature descent of the fetus, the doctor may use a bandage to urge during pregnancy.

How to choose the band?

bandages used during pregnancy since ancient times, before the invention of elastic materials they looked like a corset lace and were terribly uncomfortable.Now tires are available in two main types:

  • panties,
  • belt with Velcro.

Bandage during pregnancy

Bandage during pregnancy

size band-belt must be equal to the size of your clothes before pregnancy.Before you buy, try different sizes and models.Optimal the band in which you feel better.

Choosing a bandage in the form of pants, take one size larger than the size of your clothes before pregnancy.Since panties need to be washed regularly, they may take a few.

How to wear a bandage during pregnancy?

Bandage-panties need to wear only lying to the pressure is distributed correctly. Because of the complexity of the on and off shorts, this model shroud during pregnancy is not very popular.

How to wear a bandage during pregnancy

more comfortable waist band.The wide part is located on the back and abdomen buckle.Wear the belt can be, in any position.

bandage can be used throughout the second half of pregnancy, starting from the moment when the stomach began to seem heavy, and before delivery.But, as the band strongly binds fetal movement, you can not use it consistently. This can lead to a violation of a child's development. wear a bandage during pregnancy need to intermittently for at least 30 minutes every 3 hours.Even at work in any case can not forget about it.Of course, the child is left without oxygen in the shroud, but hesitated a long time it is not necessary.

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